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Lifestyle solutions brought to you by Invictus Active

We provide solutions that will improve your lifestyle – leg and arm exercise, stand easily and the all new Invictus Active Trainer.

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  • Invictus Active Trainer Fit Wheelchair user
  • Side and back view wheelchair user Invictus Active Trainer.
  • Track calories burnt weight loss.

Welcome To Invictus Active

We provide the best and latest products that keep you active – we call these ‘lifestyle solutions’. Using the right products on a daily basis can improve your lifestyle and we hope to be able to make these accessible.

The benefits of being ‘active’ can be achieved through our exercise solutions, these include arm and leg movement, being able to stand easily and through our new product – the Invictus Active Trainer – designed specifically for wheelchairs to improve your fitness, balance and technique.

Our assessment and demonstration centre is based in the West Midlands with a selected range of solutions available for you to see and try – for our latest developments and news click here.

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Our trainer at Midlands Spinal Injury Centre:


We were on TV – The Superhumans Show Channel 4:


We recently exhibited at Naidex 2016:

Our Lifestyle Solutions

Berkel Bike

Cycling is well known as being one of the best forms of exercise – the BerkelBike enables anyone to make use of both arms and legs.

  • Invictus Active Trainer Sports man
  • Ade Adepitan Wheelchair Rollers

Invictus Active Trainer

Designed specifically for wheelchair users the Invictus Active Trainer is the ideal solution to improve your fitness, balance and technique and suitable for everyone.

  • YouBike exercise bike wheelchairs.


Cycling is well known as being one of the best forms of exercise – the YouBike enables anyone to make use of both arms and legs.

Easily Stand

Standing brings many benefits from increasing bone density to reducing the risk of pressure sores and we have found the solution to make standing easy.