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About Us

Here at Invictus Active we have a range of solutions that we hope will make a difference to your lifestyle – we call these ‘lifestyle solutions’. Using these you will be able to keep active and reap the benefits that an active lifestyle brings.

Founded by Scott Smith and Paul Cooksey, both full time wheelchairs users, we have tried and tested each solution and believe in the products we have available – from the fantastic freewheel to brand new innovative ways to exercise, like our very own Invictus Active Trainer.

The word ‘Invictus’ is latin for ‘unconquered’ or ‘invincible’ and also the title of a Victorian Poem by William Ernest Henley. Published in 1888 the poem describes his strength in the face of adversity and that nothing was going to stop him. You can listen and read the poem here.

For all our latest news – including our recent TV appearance check out our news and blog here.

Scott Smith

A spinal cord tumour at the age of 9 caused damage to the spinal cord resulting in the equivalent of an ‘in-complete’ spinal cord injury read more.

Paul Cooksey

Paul is now a full time chair user following a motorcycle accident in 2006, which left him a paraplegic C3 complete at T1read more

Danielle Roberts
Customer Service Adviser

Paul is now a full time chair user following a motorcycle accident in 2006, which left him a paraplegic C3 complete at T1read more

Ask us anything!

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have – whether this is about our trainer, other solutions or our experiences as a chair user in general.

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New video – and interview!

We recently filmed our trainer being used at The Shrewsbury Club – a leading health, spa and tennis centre. Inclusive fitness at it’s best!…

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Our aims

  • To improve lifestyles by encouraging and enabling all those with a disability to become more active.
  • Combining our personal experience with the latest innovations to create and develop products that achieve a better solution.
  • To allow customer feedback to constantly drive our product innovation.
We work with some of the leading brands and companies in the industry and have formed partnerships to be able to bring these solutions to the UK market – including:

We also work with several universities, clinics, hospitals, gyms & organisations in both research and development, these include:


  • California State LA University
  • Shrewsbury University
  • Worcester University
  • London University Collage
  • Southampton University
  • Bedfordshire University
  • Manchester University

Hospitals & Clinics:

  • Oswestry Spinal Unit
  • Cardiff Spinal Unit
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital


  • The Shrewsbury Club
  • Portway Lifestyle Centre
  • Portmanock Leisure centre (Dublin)


  • English Federation of Disability Sport
  • Weir Archer Academy – Wheelchair Racing


We welcome all enquiries and are keen to develop further partnerships – contact us here.

2020 heralds another exciting year of further enhancements to our existing product range as well as the development of brand new products to add to our existing lifestyle solutions, equipment and accessories.

In our usual fashion we will try to maintain our ethos of enabling any new developments to be ‘bolted onto’ our existing designs allowing our loyal customers to upgrade and improve rather than feeling left behind and penalised for helping pioneering the Invictus Active brand, we have all felt that way in the past with our laptops and phones!

Amongst some of the solutions currently under development are enhanced online interaction (EOi), (imagine being able to go online and competing head to head against a friend sat on their trainer on the other side of the world!…) We are also developing a range of wheelchair sports trainers covering court sports like tennis, basketball, rugby as well as racing chair trainers that can be used as a static trainer or transported to a trackside for warm up and cool down routines.

Keep an eye on our latest news here – or feel free to send us your email address via our contact form here to be added to our regular email newsletter.

Recent Customer Reviews

Trainer is great! – I’ve had it set-up in my garage now for a good month, took a little to get used to it at first if I’m honest but using it 2/3 times a week now…
I’m finding the trainer great . I’m not a triathlete or anything but I had noticed that over time my wheeling had got more right-handed. I ended up with a left shoulder blade sprain last year…
Jo Rugen
That trainer is SUPER!! I give it a place in my living-room , so I can look TV when i’m using wheelchair)trainer.I use it daily. When I’m looking at TV,I train. Thought, every day 1/2 hour is good…
Nuyttens Dirk
I’m enjoying my new Invictus Trainer. Slowly rebuilding strength, I love feeling active and invigorated again. Thanks. Elizabeth. USA
Elizabeth S
The trainer is great. Very easy to set up and use and I am not very mechanically minded. The smart tools are excellent and really help you keep track of how well you are progressing…
Using the Invictus active made a real difference and opened up a completely new avenue of training for when we were preparing for the 20/20 challenge
Initially we were limited to literally pushing the streets, but this allowed us to take it indoors, and keep the accuracy of resistance for those hills and a great record of what we were achieving through the monitor and computer
We used it in our gym too to do a rolling spin class, and it worked a treat
For those that want to take full control of their training and open up new avenues, the Invictus trainer is without doubt a great advancement and fantastic piece of kit!
Gavin Levitt
An amazing piece of equipment that should be standard in every gym and leisure centre…… awesome
Shaun Gash
Awesome pushing by Zak today! His first workout on our Invictus Active Trainer…
Portway Leisure Centre

Invictus Active Trainer

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