There is a huge choice of active user wheelchairs – and it is an important choice. Everyone has a different opinion and there are many factors to consider. The following below is some helpful information, from the best of 2023…

What makes a good wheelchair?

A good active user wheelchair is when it fits you perfect and enables you to be active! We can ensure your measurements are perfect and the wheelchair suits your needs. , Call or email us today!

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    Amy’s First Active User Wheelchair
    WOW! Really is a huge transformation

    Amy visited us looking for her first active user wheelchair – having been given a very basic folding manual wheelchair from the NHS which she was struggling to use.

    After a full assessment looking at Amy’s needs she decided to go for a Kuschall K Series 2.0 – along with a FreeWheel attachment and off road wheels.

    The transformation is HUGE which you can see in this video and Amy is now sitting much better and looking great – she can now walk her dogs with ease!


    Kuschall K-Series Wheelchair


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    The Kuschall K-Series Wheelchair offers a huge choice of options to create the perfect customised wheelchair. It comes in three frame materials to suit differing needs. This active manual wheelchair offers a lightweight, minimalist chair that adapts to your needs. It will help you to keep pace with your modern lifestyle. Additionally, it offers unbeatable performance along with rigidity, lightweight, and a great look. The Kuschall K Series wheelchair is a sophisticated chair which enhances your independence and increases your active lifestyle. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.
    • Aluminium, Zinc or Titanium frames available to best suit your needs
    • Many customizable options to create your bespoke wheelchair
    • Lightweight modern design for easy transport
    • Strong and durable to stand up to your active lifestyle

    Kuschall The KSL Wheelchair

    The KSL (Küschall Super Light) is the lightest model in the range, specifically designed for the highly experienced who know their exact position. With minor adjustments in the footrest and backrest upholstery, the result is a fully welded, incredibly lightweight, high performance rigid wheelchair weighing just 4.3kg in its lightest configuration. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

    Kuschall Champion Wheelchair 2.0

    The Kuschall Champion 2.0 wheelchair, like its predecessor, is a folding chair that feels like a rigid one. The new model, however, incorporates some state of the art technology that makes it even lighter and stronger. Additionally, the new SK (Swiss knife) option makes this chair even smaller and more convenient when folded. See below to find out more about this exciting model of folding active wheelchair. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Includes a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

    What size and measurements do I need?
    We make it easy…

    How do I get measured?

    When you are ordering a wheelchair with us, we will send you a video explaining what measurements we need you to take. We can then take those measurements and make sure the wheelchair will be made to measure your needs.

    How long does it take to receive my wheelchair once I have ordered?

    Once you have confirmed the quote we will have sent you, we will process the order and it would normally take around 4-7 weeks for the wheelchair to be delivered to you.


    Ki Mobility Tsunami Wheelchair

    The Ki Mobility Tsunami ALX is a lightweight rigid frame wheelchair with great responsiveness and a very reasonable price tag. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

    Ki Mobility Rogue Wheelchair

    The Ki Mobility Rogue is an extremely lightweight and ultra-responsive wheelchair that has great rigidity and infinite adjustments for a perfect fit. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

    Ki Mobility Ethos Wheelchair

    The Ki Mobility Ethos is a superbly comfortable wheelchair on any road surface and has a modern sculptured design. Its state-of-the-art technology makes this chair a leader in the market. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.



    Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair

    The new Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair turns your energy into motion, so you can travel further with less effort. This ultra-lightweight active chair weighs in at just 7.5-kg. That makes it the lightest adjustable aluminium chair available. It is also the most energy-efficient chair that Quickie makes, and they are already famous for their fine wheelchairs. The Quickie Nitrum Wheelchair has taken the active user wheelchair to a new level – the design of the frame and more importantly the ‘fell’ of the wheelchair when used daily will change lives. A trusted brand and new model for 2021 – if you are looking to get a new wheelchair then the Nitrum wheelchair must be on the list. We can help with all the measurements to ensure a perfect fit and also provide the best price. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

    Quickie Krypton Wheelchair

    The Quickie Krypton wheelchair is available with a rigid or a foldable frame to suit your needs. Both are manufactured from a lightweight carbon material which not only makes them extremely light but also very strong and super energy efficient. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. Features:
    • Lightweight carbon construction
    • Over 10,000 configuration options for a perfect custom fit
    • Range of carbon options to meet all needs
    • Choice of three colours and four frame finishes

    Quickie Life R Wheelchair

    The Quickie LIFE- R active wheelchair is the ideal choice of a rigid chair with the option of fine-tuning adjustments over a period of time. It is lightweight, robust, and energy efficient and adaptable to different needs and requirements. It is the perfect choice for a first-time active wheelchair user. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.



    Invacare Top End Pro Tennis Wheelchair

    The Invacare® Top End® Pro Tennis wheelchair is an excellent choice for other sports also. Discover its capacities on the softball field, badminton court and even on the dance floor. With the fast and easy adjustments, you can customise the Invacare Top End Pro Tennis sports wheelchair to maximise your comfort and performance.
    • Fully welded aluminium base frame
    • Fully customisable
    • Fifth wheel stability
    • Weighs in at just 21-pounds

    Quickie Match Point Tennis Wheelchair

    The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair will take your game to the next level. Lightweight and manoeuvrable this wheelchair for tennis offers unparalleled stability and performance.
    • Adjustable centre-of-gravity
    • Five-wheel stability
    • Lightweight
    • Extra-hard casters

    Quickie Sport All Court Wheelchair

    Designed with the help of elite wheelchair basketball athletes, the Quickie® All Court wheelchair features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance frame built for maneuverability and power. From pick-up games to gold medals, the All Court sports wheelchair will take your game to the next level.
    Questions you may have about the process of getting a new wheelchair

    How do I order a new wheelchair?

    You can contact us and explain to us what needs you have and what needs you have for your wheelchair. For example if you would like to go on muddy terrains on walks or up hills etc. We would also need your available budget and we can show you what wheelchairs are within your budget along with the specifications you want. We can then make a quote for you and if all is good and you’re happy then the wheelchair will be ordered.

    What wheelchair is best to me?

    What wheelchair is best for you depends on your needs. You may have a smaller car or need to store the wheelchair in your car, where a foldable wheelchair would be more suitable such as a Progeo Ego. We would always recommend a rigid frame over a foldable frame where possible.

    How much will my wheelchair cost?

    The wheelchair will cost at minimum whatever the base price listed on that products page on our website. When you look to purchase a new wheelchair with us we will make a quote after speaking with you on any additional specifications or requirements you may want to add to your wheelchair.

    Can I spread the cost?

    Yes, you can spread the cost! We offer split monthly payments ranging from 3, 6 or 12 months. For any new wheelchair we require a deposit before hand which we would mention to you.

    Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 14.50.07

    Can I visit your showroom?

    Yes you can visit our showroom in Wolverhampton for a booked appointment if you live within a 2 hour radius or you would like to travel to visit us. Visiting us would be a good solution where you can see the whole range of wheelchairs we have available and get to try some out first hand! This would help you to see whether you like the feel of a certain chair and be certain it would suit your needs. You would have an appointment then you would be with our wheelchair specialist who would be able to help you with any questions you may have.

    What happens if I can’t visit your showroom?

    If you can’t visit our showroom, alternatively you can book a home demo, where one of our colleagues would travel to you with a specific wheelchair you have requested a demo of or 3 wheelchairs you would be interested in.


    Progeo Noir 2.0 Wheelchair

    A concentrate of technology. Carbon fibre monocoque wheelchair made only to measure. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. Noir 2.0, the only made-to-measure carbon fibre wheelchair, renews itself in its lines and shapes improving its look and performance. Each detail is accurately designed to accomplish an astonishing eye-catching and linear look as well as minimum weight, maximum resistance and unique manoeuvrability and dynamism. The wheelchair, which is moulded around You, becomes the integral part of Your style and of Your own charm.

    Progeo Junior Light Wheelchair

    A model of folding wheelchair for the growing age. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. A new model of ultralight wheelchair for the growing age that, in its standard configuration, includes some of the most important accessories, such as removable/swing-away footplates, push handles for attendant, anti-tip wheels and Desk armrest.

    Progeo Ego Carbon Wheelchair

    When design meets technology, a brilliant reality comes to life. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. A more performing version of the EGO model that combines the unique stiffness characteristics of the folding system with a carbon fiber monocoque frame. Maximum lightness starting from 9.8 Kg in conditions of use, unbeatable handling and reactivity for a folding wheelchair.
    Bob's London Marathon Wheelchair Push!

    Bob is completing the London Marathon this year in his new Quickie Nitrum wheelchair along with the FreeWheel attachment! It is all to raise funds for the cancer charity called Maggie’s, who have helped Bob and continue to help many others.

    We are very proud in supporting Bob completing the London Marathon.

    Bob ordered his new Quickie Nitrum with us. In the video he explains how his new Quickie Nitrum and our active trainer are helping him as well as a bit about Maggie’s charity!

    Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 15.22.28


    TiLite Pilot Wheelchair

    Ready For Take Off. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. Watch your kid soar in the ultra-lightweight TiLite Pilot. Finally, a chair that moves and grows with your child.

    TiLite Aero X Wheelchair

    Multifaceted simplicity. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. The Aero X features an innovative modular design with clean modern lines and configurability. Featuring multiple configurations that include heavy-duty, hemi, and amputee options. Add superior rolling dynamics and full adjustability, and you get an Aero X that excels in both performance and price.

    TiLite ZR Wheelchair

    Head turning style. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259. With the ZR’s minimalist mono-tube frame, less truly is more. The clean aesthetic of the ZR turns heads while the titanium frame makes sure you have the strength and vibration-dampening ride to go with your beauty. Style and strength to take on whatever life throws at you.

    You can visit us at the showroom wolverhampton to view all of our wheelchair offer and bespoke measuring service.

      We typically reply within a few hours.


      What is the FreeWheel attachment?

      The FreeWheel is a life changing wheelchair attachment that will help you tackle across most terrains! It clips onto your footrest and lifts up your caster wheels. This helps massively as it stops the caster wheels getting stuck in dips on the ground. The FreeWheel helps make places more accessible and is suitable for rigid and folding wheelchairs as we supply a FreeWheel adaptor for folding wheelchairs.


      Is your wheelchair suitable for the FreeWheel? Watch the video below to learn about what measurements are needed of your wheelchair.

      Many of our customers have had the FreeWheel and seen it massively improve their lives. It is such a great attachment to have on your wheelchair and we really recommend it if you are looking to get out more and be active! One of our customers, Lexi Chambers is using the FreeWheel to attempt to break another Guinness World Record! Lexi is attempting to be the first female to travel the furthest distance within 12 hours using a wheelchair.


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