Adventure Holiday In A Wheelchair

As a wheelchair user, you can now enjoy adventure holidays just like anyone else.

Adventure holiday in a wheelchair

You might need to do a bit of research to find the ideal place, but there is plenty of online help to find a destination suited to your desires, capabilities, and budget. More and more places are becoming wheelchair friendly destinations and offering wheelchair accessible accommodation, and you may be surprised at the range of options that are now available to wheelchair users looking to enjoy adventure holidays.

To enjoy your destination to the max and to make your journey easier, check out this FreeWheel attachment that could revolutionise the way you move about. The FreeWheel wheelchair attachment is a larger single wheel which clips onto the front foot rests of your chair. Once attached, you simply swing it back on itself to lift your front castors up off the ground. Now, you will enjoy easier pushing over any type of terrain along with improved manoeuvrability.

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Life changing attachment that you'll wonder how you lived without!` If you use a manual day wheelchair then the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment is a must have, it just clips on the front foot rest and is so easy to use. As you will know the front casters can be a nightmare! – going over any grass or gravel is near impossible if you have normal small casters as they ‘dig in’ and make pushing hard work.

Start investigating your dream holiday destination and set out on an adventure to remember.

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You will be able to access places that would normally be impossible to get to. The FreeWheel allows you to cross gravel, grass, wet leaves, sand, and even snow, safely and with ease. Just imagine all of the places that you can explore and discover with the help of the FreeWheel.

If you are planning an adventure holiday in a wheelchair, the FreeWheel attachment is a must-have addition to your wheelchair. The propulsion of each push is maximised with the FreeWheel so you can travel farther with less effort. You will enjoy unlimited freedom with the FreeWheel and be able to negotiate terrains, pathways, woods, beaches and much more unaided.

To enjoy your adventure holiday in a wheelchair to the max, take advantage of our free home trial to discover just what the FreeWheel can do for you. Then, start investigating your dream holiday destination and set out on an adventure to remember.

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