Beach Wheelchair

The ULTIMATE combination for exploring the beach in 2021!

Beach wheelchairs are specially designed to make travelling across sand or shells possible. They have large ball-shaped balloon tyres that spread the weight over a large area. That stops you getting bogged down.

If you have ever tried to self-propel across sand you will know that it is virtually impossible. The caster wheels dig in and stop any forward motion. Even with someone pushing you and tilting you back to get off the casters doesn’t work. Then your back wheels will sink in and you still can’t move.

beach wheelchair
beach wheelchair

A specially designed beach wheelchair will allow you to self-propel across the sand with ease on the large ball wheels. Rust-proof materials mean that you can take them right into the water. Additionally, the seat and back have fabrics that dry out quickly. Beach wheelchairs are great…for the beach.

Unfortunately, they are big and cumbersome making them difficult to transport. Now, there are a few beaches around the country where you can rent a beach wheelchair. That’s great, but what if you want to explore a beach where beach wheelchairs are not available.

The answer is the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment and FAT beach wheels… (CLICK HERE TO BUY).

A front wheel and rear wheel solution

The beach wheelchair attachment has a front wheel which sits between two sturdy forks. It clips quickly and easily onto your front footrest. The wheelchair attachment for sand lifts your front caster wheels up clear of the ground. While its huge surface area makes it perfect for passing over even soft sand

Combine the attachment with wide tyres at the rear and you have a wheelchair that can get you anywhere along the beach you chose to go.

So, if you are fed up with sitting in your wheelchair watching others have fun on the beach.  Get ready to join in, because a new adaptation could take you and your chair right down to the sea.

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beach wheelchair 02
beach wheelchair 04

Fits most makes and models of wheelchairs – suitable for all!

You can use the attachment with just about all makes and models of wheelchairs. Additionally, you will not need to make any permanent modifications to your chair. The wheelchair beach attachment is sturdily constructed, yet light in weight. It fits easily into the rear seat of the boot of most cars. When you get to the beach it is quick and simple to attach. Now you will find it far easier to push your chair over sand, shingle,  or shells.

As you well know, casters get stuck in ruts, bogged down in mud or sand, can’t grip slippery surfaces, and give you an unwanted massage over rough ground. All that is in the past with this attachment. You will now enjoy independence, freedom and comfort at the beach.

beach wheelchair 04
beach wheelchair 03

EXPLORE the beach this summer with our solution.


  • Fits most types of wheelchairs
  • Attaches quickly to the front frame
  • Small and lightweight for easy transport
  • Large, round wheel makes travelling over sand easy
  • Adjustable height to prevent your casters from touching down

Combine the new beach wheelchair attachment with wide back tyres to convert your wheelchair into a beach buggy. It will get you to places you never dreamed possible. Additionally, our attachment will give you the freedom to join in sandcastle building and beach games. You will be able to enjoy beach BBQs, picnics, and everything else we love to do beside the sea.

Why choose a beach wheelchair attachment?

With the new beach wheelchair attachment, your casters do not touch the ground. Its oversized balloon tyre supports the weight at the front of the chair. This will allow you to push yourself effortlessly over sand, pebbles, shells, and even mud. That means that you will be able to enjoy and explore our great British beaches and even to get your feet wet in our marvellous seas.