Best Outdoor Wheels For My Wheelchair

Choosing the right wheelchairs for outdoor use

Choosing the best outdoor wheels for your wheelchair depends on what you want them to do. We offer four distinct wheels designed for outdoor use and each one has different properties to provide the best performance under different circumstances.

Fat Wide wheelchair wheels
Off Road wheelchair wheels

Off Road wheelchair wheels are ideal for general off-roading, like going across grass and gravel and passing over different terrains. These heavy-duty generic outdoor wheels not only make it easier to push yourself over challenging terrains, but they also make it comfier, as they add a bit of suspension. They have 36-stainless steel spokes which make them strong and stable and a standard ½-inch diameter hole for easy changeovers.

Spinergy wheelchair wheels

Spinergy wheelchair wheels are a great generic everyday wheel that is very strong and also lightweight. They have patented fibre spokes which are great for absorbing shocks as you travel over uneven surfaces for a smoother, more comfortable ride to reduce muscles spasms and body fatigue. These outdoor wheelchair wheels come with Marathon Plus tyres which are virtually puncture-proof so you can go wherever you want without worries of a flat. There are three different Spinergy wheels to suit your needs.


Loopwheels are specifically designed with great suspension to give a smoother ride and so protect your back and shoulders. Their unique form and hi-tech materials allow them to constantly adjust to uneven terrain to really reduce the vibration and fatigue even when travelling over the roughest of surfaces, such as loose rocks. They have been proven to significantly reduce vibrations for a comfier and less tiring ride.

Fat Wide wheelchair wheels

Fat Wide wheelchair wheels are extra wide to provide extra grip. They are the outdoor tyre of choice for slippery or soft terrains such as snow, sand, mud, autumn leaves, or wet grass. They have black powder-coated pushrims and their Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres have a wrap-around tread and strength-enhanced sidewalls. Get a good grip on any surface with these extra-wide wheelchair wheels.

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