Best Rigid Wheelchair

The best rigid wheelchair is the one that fits you right. A rigid chair that is made to your body’s measurements will offer you better comfort, performance, and safety than any standard chair.

Measurements necessary to create your best rigid wheelchair

There are several measurements that you must take to create a made-to-measure chair. First, you must measure the height of the seatback, which should reach to just below your shoulder blades. Next, the seat length should be so that the seat ends just before your flexed knee. The seat width is also very important. You should fit snugly between the side pieces to ensure that you do not slide about when cornering or when using your chair in everyday tasks. Also, the footrests should keep your feet at a comfortable distance apart and perpendicular.

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Best rigid wheelchair
rigid wheelchair
Which chair to choose?

The Kuschall K-series is a great rigid chair when locked but offers multiple adjustments to meet your changing needs. If your back is aching it’s easy to change the angle of the backrest.

If you need a more active or passive response just change the centre of gravity. This is one of the best rigid wheelchairs available.

The Quickie Helium is another one of the best rigid wheelchairs on the market.

And if you are looking for a folding wheelchair that performs almost like a rigid one, the Kuschall Champion is a great choice.

These made-to-measure chairs give you the best in comfort, safety, and performance. The best rigid chair will cost you more than a standard chair but the difference that it can make to the life of an active user is priceless.

Also, with our 12-month interest-free payment plan you can have the best rigid chair for you and spread the cost over a year.

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