Bob is completing the London Marathon in his new Quickie Nitrum wheelchair along with the FreeWheel attachment – all to raise funds for the cancer charity Maggie’s, who have helped Bob and continue to help many others.

We are proud to be supporting Bob and if you’d also like to make a donation please visit his Just Giving page here.

  • London Marathon 2022 using his own wheelchair.
  • 18 months training using the Invictus Active Trainer.
  • New bespoke Nitrum wheelchair supplied by us.

Watch our video interview with Bob below – we discuss his training, new chair & Maggie’s charity:

Bob Adams Wheelchair

Visit Bob’s JustGiving page here to make a donation.

How has Bob been training for the marathon?

To be in the condition needed to successful complete London Marathon 2022 has required hard work and dedication to training and Bob has been using a combination of our Invictus Active Trainer and the FreeWheel attachment for outdoor pushes.

Our trainer is a wheelchair treadmill and allows you to push miles indoors and build the exact same muscles required to self propel a wheelchair, whilst also burning calories. Bob has become fitter and stronger and lost weight over the last 12 months in his quest to be in peak condition.

Watch the video above where Bob explains more on how he finds the trainer and FreeWheel so useful.


Bob Trainer

What wheelchair is Bob using?

Bob explains more himself in the video above, but when he first visited us he was using a very basic wheelchair he found and purchased online. It was not to his sizes and overall was not the best to self propel. Having a bespoke wheelchair (the new Quickie Nitrum!) will make a huge difference, it fits you perfectly and not only feels more comfortable but is much easier to self propel as you your posture and weight distribution is correct.

This will make not only make the Marathon more enjoyable but everyday life – you have less strain and resistance on your body with a bespoke well fitting wheelchair. We have a full range here at Invictus Active and can help you find the ideal wheelchair too.

The diagram below shows some of the overall improvements achieved with Bob’s new wheelchair and a combination of exercising using the Invictus Active Trainer, general pushing and healthy eating. If you are looking for the same then it is possible – just contact us here today.

Bespoke wheelchair improvements

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