Here’s a short clip of me using the @invictusactive wheelchair treadmill I am a C5 C6 quadriplegic and I find this piece of equipment great for keeping fit, staying active when not outdoors, increasing the heart rate, building stamina, weight loss and much more. If you want to take it to the next level Invictus active have a weighted add-on which attaches to the back rollers.
I also have the Bluetooth sensor which is optional to track speed and distance via an app on smart phone or tablet.
So you can save your workouts and compare them over time.
And when not in use the ramps come off and the rollers fold away for easy storage.
Highly recommend it for anyone in a wheelchair wanting to keep fit 10/10
And if you are still not sure go on contact them for the 14 day free trial.
If you decide to keep it spread the cost over 3 monthly payments I did.

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