Great photos and review of the FreeWheel from Steve and Pat from their adventures – the below email says it all really, the FreeWheel has certainly changed their life.

The attached photos are of Pat in places that where inaccessible without the freewheel

  1. Bird watching is in France and well off the beaten track. I was pushing but we got everywhere.
  2. Pompei Italy built for chariots definitely not wheelchairs especially when we found the Italians had closed the disabled access and we were told to “Go Home”. We told him that was not an option and after being lifted over a barrier by an embarrassed Italian tourist we made it round even if the wheelchair tyres were pulled of the rims at one point by the ruff ground and two Americans lifted Pats Wheelchair up why I refitted them.
  3. Museum visit. This was to a rural site in Fuerteventura and the we were told by the reception that the site was inaccessible to wheelchairs. We felt he was wrong and proceeded with our visit with few problems. He was shocked by our attitude and the ease of access you using the freewheel.

Hope these are useful
Steve & Pat

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