Comfortable Everyday Wheelchair

A comfortable everyday wheelchair can only be found in a chair that fits you.

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Split payment: Pay for your wheelchair monthly, no interest just split payments.
What measurements make a comfortable everyday wheelchair?

Each part of your wheelchair should measure the right length, width, or height for you. The backrest should rise to a height just below the shoulder blades. You should fit snugly into the width of the seat. This gives you the correct support when cornering and avoids you slipping to one side of the seat. Something which could be both uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous as it could make your chair unstable.

Comfort in a one-size-fits-all chair

You will never find comfort in a one-size-fits-all chair. There are some relatively inexpensive wheelchairs available that claim to be comfortable. However, if you have one of these, you have probably discovered that the level of comfort is not great. To get a comfortable everyday chair it must fit your body exactly. This not only increases comfort but also improves performance and augments safety

How do I take these measurements?

The seat cushion should finish just before your knees to ensure a correct sitting position. Your feet should rest slightly apart on the footrests for comfort and balance. They should be neither too wide apart nor too close together.

We will be happy to send you a complete guide as to how to take these measurements. Alternatively, we can arrange for someone to come and take the measurements for you. Remember that the correct measurements are essential to create a personalised and really comfortable everyday wheelchair. Call us on 0800 8321916, or by email to or by clicking here.

Kuschall Champion Wheelchair 2.0

The Kuschall Champion 2.0 wheelchair, like its predecessor, is a folding chair that feels like a rigid one. The new model, however, incorporates some state of the art technology that makes it even lighter and stronger. Additionally, the new SK (Swiss knife) option makes this chair even smaller and more convenient when folded. See below to find out more about this exciting model of folding active wheelchair. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Includes a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

Aren’t made-to-measure chairs very expensive?

They are more expensive than mass-produced chairs. However, the difference that they can make to your life is amazing and well worth the investment. What’s more, you may be entitled to a Personal Wheelchair Budget from the NHS which could offset the cost. Or, we offer twelve months of interest-free payments to purchase the right chair for you. That way you can enjoy all of the benefits of a comfortable everyday wheelchair and enjoy life more.

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