Core Exercises for Wheelchair Users

Our trainer will improve the core strength of a wheelchair user

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Our trainer will improve the core strength of a wheelchair user – it simulates pushing your own wheelchair in a static safe environment so enables you to work on posture, different pushing positions and overall technique which will strengthen and improve core muscles.

How does this work?

Muscle building:

As a wheelchair user you most likely push around day to day leaning on the backrest – this supports your back and is needed but as a result you are not engaging or working your core stomach muscles, you are relying on the back rest. What the trainer enables you to do is concentrate on not leaning on the back as much (even not using the backrest at all) and pushing trying to keep balance and work those core muscles. As core exercise for wheelchair users this is bringing real life day to day pushing into practise – so not only will core strength improve it will be of benefit when you are pushing around the streets, shops every day.


From our research we have found that often wheelchair users core stability can be improved from technique – for example a high spinal cord injury will find it very difficult to actually improve muscle bulk and strength of the stomach (although not impossible!) but can actually get a huge gain from improving how you push and ‘learning’ to use the shoulders or head to have an impact on becoming more stable. Our trainer enables you to work on this – it is something that would otherwise be very difficult to do.

Seating position:

You cannot under estimate the seating position and overall wheelchair fit when looking at core stability of wheelchair users – a very slight adjustment to the angle of the seat (bucket) or the height of the backrest will have a huge impact. If you make the bucket more this should help with core stability – where as a flat seat and low backrest would require more core strength. What the Invictus Active Trainer enables you to do is try and change your chair – and then push and see what impact this has. You could even change the seating position and see if this makes you faster (so more efficient) over a 1 mile push for example.

“Improve core strength and stability with the Invictus Active Trainer”

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Smart model – connect to your phone via our app and records speed, distance and heart rate.

Improve your fitness – used in gyms, at home and within hospitals.

The Invictus Active Trainer is not only ideal for wheelchair user core strength exercises but it will improve overall fitness as a wheelchair user. It’s the ultimate fitness machine to improve muscle strength and cardio fitness.

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