As you may have already read on our about us page – Invictus Active co-founders Scott and Paul are both wheelchair users following spinal cord injury and unfortunately both have first hand experience of living with a pressure sore and chronic wound.

In fact when Paul first had his motorbike accident he developed a pressure sore whilst in hospital and as a result had 12 months of bed rest. Paul was ready to leave hospital in terms of his spinal injury recovery, but had to spend this extra time in hospital just to allow the sore to heal.

Scott has also had huge problems with pressure sores, he too developed a sore on his back when he first had surgery nearly 25 years ago – and still to this day has issues with skin breakdown, regularly requiring treatment including a hospital stay at the end of 2021.

As a result both Scott and Paul are extra cautious when it comes to pressure relieving and over the years through playing wheelchair sport and running Invictus Active know of many similar situations and horror stories that can be caused from a wound.

Varilite Evolution Wheelchair

The VARILITE Evolution is the cushion of choice for wheelchair users with a high risk of tissue breakdown.

JAY Extreme Active

The JAY Xtreme Active is a lightweight and low profile wheelchair cushion for active performance and easy transfers.

Varilite Zoid PSV Wheelchair

The VARILITE Zoid PSV™ is the low-profile cushion of choice for active wheelchair users.

JAY 2 Deep Wheelchair

Air exchange cover as standard, incontinence resistant cover and solid seat inserts are options.

The healing process and daily knock on effect is huge, it’s a real burden on your life when you already have to deal with general day to day issues that are part of living with a disability.

But with knowledge and the correct equipment you can often prevent a pressure sore and this is why we have taken the decision to only sell high quality cushions with the best protection.

We understand that this unfortunately means a higher price and we would initially suggest that you contact your local wheelchair services (click here to search) where you can explain your situation and ask for a cushion to be supplied via the NHS. But please ensure it’s a good pressure relieving one.

The cushions below are the ones we now supply – we do not stock them in our showroom but can get them delivered to you as quickly as possible.

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