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David Weir is probably the best-known name in British wheelchair athletics with an impressive total of six gold medals obtained during the 2008 and the 2012 Paralympic games. He competes in men’s athletics events in the T54 disability class. Also, he has taken the first place in eight of the nineteen London Marathons in which he has competed, and he won the 2002 event at the age of just twenty-one.

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David was born with a transection of his spinal cord which caused the loss of the use of his legs, and he has been involved in wheelchair sports since childhood. Illness and a serious car crash last December looked set to prevent his 20th London marathon participation this year.

Increase the level of participation in disability sports

However, with his typical determination, Davie Weir, now aged 39, is currently training hard and will be able to compete in the London marathon and he will again form part of the UK team at the Tokyo Paralympics next year.

Since 2002 David has been coached by Jenny Archer, and in 2013 they opened the Weir Archer Academy together. The Academy aims to increase the level of participation in disability sports and to train future Paralympians. At the Weir Archer Academy, athletes use the Invictus Active racing wheelchair roller regularly during their workouts. David describes the trainer as “Amazing” and adds that “They are great because you can set them up really quickly and put your chair on.

Boost your racing performance.

There is nothing to bolt onto your chair, nothing to screw onto your front wheel, they are just really easy to use.” This allows athletes with severely restricted mobility to train unaided. David goes on to say that it “Feels as natural as pushing on the road or track”, and adds that the Invictus Active racing wheelchair roller is “The best roller that I have used to date”.

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