Invictus Active Trainer Workouts & Exercises

BOOST your fitness with these great workouts by Ella Beaumont

Your Invictus Active Trainer is the ultimate exercise machine which can be used to improve all areas of your fitness as a wheelchair user. You can boost your weight loss, strength, stamina and flexibility through a variety of exercises and workouts.

Ella’s workout videos below take you through different sessions targeting each area – all include a warm up and last approx 30 minutes.

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Ella Beaumont

Full Body Cardio Workout

Covering all the general areas of working the upper body – including pushing backwards, protecting
shoulders and getting a great overall cardio workout.

Flexibility Workout

Being flexible brings a lot of benefits and there is a variety of exercises and routines
that can be achieved using the trainer.

Weight Loss Workout

If losing weight is your goal then this is the workout for you – Ella shows you how to
burn those calories!

Endurance Workout – New release!

Keep pushing longer and make overall pushing easier with this great
endurance workout by Ella.

Power Workout – New release!

Make self propelling your wheelchair easier and power up hills
and inclines with ease.

Strength Workout

Increase the strength in your arms and protect your shoulders using the trainer
which then helps to everyday tasks such as transfers – coming soon!

Ella Beaumont

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invictus active trainer

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