Exercises For Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair

Increase muscle strength and coordination

Promote good general health

Exercise is important for everyone to promote good general health and people with certain conditions can use exercise not only improve their all-around fitness but also to work on specific skills. Exercises for cerebral palsy wheelchair can increase muscle strength and coordination and a cardio workout can bring multiple health benefits.

Best exercises for Cerebral palsy wheelchair users

One of the best exercises for Cerebral palsy wheelchair users is using the Invictus Active Trainer. This roller trainer allows the user to concentrate solely on their pushing technique without worrying about other factors. This roller trainer is light-weight and easy to set up in the safety and security of your own home. The resistance of the rollers can be varied to increase the difficulty of pushing as conditioning improves.

Cardio Workout
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exercises for cerebral palsy wheelchair
Exercises for cerebral palsy wheelchair users

Exercises for cerebral palsy wheelchair users with the Invictus Active Trainer can help sufferers to improve their wheelchair propelling skills. Regular use will improve the coordination necessary to self-propel as well us build up muscles, strength, and stamina. It can help the person to extend their range of movement and to better control their movements.  This can lead to greater confidence and independence and an improved quality of life. The trainer allows the person to practice in the comfort of their own home where they can feel secure and comfortable, before taking on the challenges of outdoor propelling where road conditions and the climate can make things more difficult.

Once the user has improved his pushing skills, he can then concentrate on increasing the resistance of the rollers and the time spent on the trainer to get a cardio workout and increase his stamina. Aerobic exercise may improve motor functions and certainly enhances general health reducing the chances of developing further debilitating conditions.

Why not arrange a free, no-obligation trial of the Invictus Active Trainer and discover the benefits of exercises for cerebral palsy wheelchair users?