Fat Wide Tyres For My Wheelchair

The fat tyres give you improved grip for increased propulsion power.

Increased propulsion power

If you enjoy exploring and off-road pushing, then you should discover the benefits of having fat, wide tyres on your wheelchair. We offer two styles of off-road wheelchair wheels and tyres that will let you get to places you never thought possible to reach. The fat tyres give you improved grip for increased propulsion power, and the sturdy wheels can stand up to any kind of rough or uneven terrain.

Smoother and more comfortable ride

What’s more, the tyres feature the puncture-proof K-guard technology that lets you pass over sharp objects without fearing a puncture. The fat tyres absorb uneven road surfaces better to give you a smoother more comfortable ride, and if you combine our off-road wheels with the FreeWheel attachment you will be able to conquer any track, trail, or pathway you choose to tackle. You will even be able to push yourself unaided across wet grass, gravel, snow, or sand!

 Fat wide tyres
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 Fat wide tyres for my wheelchair
We now also offer a pair of off-road-wheels with even fatter tyres.

When you want to get off the beaten track just switch your standard wheels for our off-road wheelchair wheels. These have 36 stainless steel spokes to provide strength and stability and a matt black finish for style. They have a load capacity of 150-kg and the high-tech tyres with their Kevlar reinforced fires are virtually impossible to puncture. These tyres have large outer lugs to provide maximum grip over rough terrains, but still have a central rib section to decrease rolling resistance. These wheels will fit onto any chair that normally uses 24- or 25-inch wheels, as they have a diameter of 22-inches plus two inches of tyre.

These wheels also measure 22-inches but the tyres are 4-inches wide. However, your wheelchair set up will remain unchanged as the overall diameter is still 24-inches. These wheels feature a ½-inch quick release axle and their extra width make crossing over rough terrain even easier and more comfortable.