Freewheel For Kuschall K Series

FreeWheel attachment pushing is much less tiring

Freewheel For Kuschall K Series

FreeWheel is lightweight and easy to attach unaided

The FreeWheel attachment clips onto the front footrest of most types of wheelchairs. If you have a Kuschall K Series active wheelchair with a ‘D’ type footrest, the FreeWheel can transform the way you push your chair and the places you can get to.

If you are unsure about what type of footrest your Kuschall K Series wheelchair has, or if you have another kind of wheelchair and would like to know if the FreeWheel will fit, we are happy to help.

The FreeWheel attachment will convert your wheelchair into an off-roader. The FreeWheel is lightweight and easy to attach unaided. Once clipped into place, you rotate it, and this lifts up your front casters. Then you push as usual. Except that now you will find that you can pass over all kinds of terrain with ease.

Just send us a photo of your wheelchair’s footrest to our email or give us a call at 0800 832 1916. Alternatively, go to our website at and use our FreeWheel ‘checker’, or the live chat option.
Kuschall K Series
Kuschall K Series most other active wheelchair

The FreeWheel lets you glide over uneven ground, pass painlessly over potholes, and sneer at rocks in your path. You can even push yourself effortlessly through long grass, gravel, sand, and snow.

Also, with a FreeWheel attachment pushing is much less tiring. That means that you can go out exploring wherever you wish and cover much more ground with much less effort. No more getting your casters stuck in ruts or digging in so that you have to use a lot of force to get yourself out. With the FreeWheel for Kuschall K Series and most other active wheelchairs, you can enjoy easy, effortless pushing over all kinds of difficult terrain.

Get in touch today to see if your active wheelchair has a footrest to which the FreeWheel can clip straight on to and start enjoying the great outdoors more.