Just wheeled to the end of my lane (from my house) and back again using my #FREEWHEEL from @invictusactive and wow, the difference.”

We are so pleased to read such a glowing review, but more importantly to help another person explore the outdoors and become more active!

Ruth contacted us a while back keen to get a FreeWheel Attachment for her wheelchair as she struggles to get out and about due to the numerous barriers that you find on pavements and roads (those caster wheels catch any little uneven ground and hole!).

Unfortunately her wheelchair was a Quickie Argon and the footrest was just not suitable for fit a FreeWheel too – however the good news was we had the solution! We developed our universal footrest for this exact reason, for all those people out there who want a FreeWheel but just do not have a suitable footrest. We know how much of a life changer the FreeWheel is and glad to be able to help another person reap the benefits.

So we supplied Ruth with the footrest and she managed to fit it herself along with the FreeWheel at home, without any experience and just a little guidance through our whatsapp support. The results are a very happy customer with some great feedback and tweets which you can see below. At time of writing this blog it is a-mist the COVID-19 lockdown keeping indoors and at home is essential, but we look forward to some more photos and tweets of Ruth using the FreeWheel in the coming months. ?

Update alert! – since publishing this blog Ruth sent us a message to say she had “just wheeled to the supermarket on her own for the first time in years”. This is what we love to hear and why we believe the FreeWheel is a money can’t buy life changer.

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