Funding Assistance For Disabled Individuals In Need of Mobility and Support Equipment

Here are a few charities that do incredible work in helping people with mobility issues access equipment that will change their life.

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Steve Morgan Foundation

Established by Steve Morgan CBE in 2001, the Steve Morgan Foundation aims to provide support for projects to help families and their children, individuals with learning and physical disabilities, as well as the elderly, or those who are socially disadvantaged. The foundation caters to beneficiaries in multiple areas including North Wales, North Shropshire, Merseyside, and Cheshire.

In 2017, the Steven Morgan Foundation founded the Enable Fund – a foundation that delivers support for disabled individuals who are financially disadvantaged. The foundation assists disabled people in obtaining specialized equipment that the NHS and other social or education services cannot supply.

To become eligible for the grant, the beneficiary must be a resident within the geographical area set by the foundation.

The Independence Fund

Since its founding in 2007, The Independence Fund has been the guidance, therapy, and equipment for injured veterans. The foundation is committed to providing the appropriate grants veterans who got impaired in the line of duty need but are unable to receive.

The Independence Fund’s main mission is to serve and provide for the Warfighter community through innovative services and programs to support the beneficiaries’ emotional, mental, and physical well-being. The foundation is dedicated to providing guidance and support to combat veterans, service members, their families, as well as those who have served in combat in support of the troops.

Below are the services and grants provided by The Independence Fund to its beneficiaries.

● Access to cutting-edge technologies for mobility and adaptability as well as therapies for combat veterans.
● Suicide prevention.
● Family and caregiver support.
● Veteran assistance in partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, other federal and state agencies and legislators, and other associates.

The Independence Fund features the TIF Tactical program. In this program, the foundation invites veterans to participate in sports events and they also provide support for various Veteran sports organizations.

Moreover, the foundation also features its Mobility Program which provides impaired veterans financial grants for adaptive equipment such as an all-terrain track chair.

Independence at Home

Independence at Home is committed to providing grants to all individuals of all ages who are physically or mentally impaired. The foundation aims to deliver the right assistance and support to people with disabilities who are in need of financial help.

The financial grant provided by the foundation enables the beneficiaries to acquire disability and mobility equipment, home adaptive tools, and other essentials that will help them live a more positive and practical life at home.

Independence at Home provides grants between £300-£600 depending on the equipment purchased or the building job carried out.

The grant could be used for any of the following purposes:

● Acquire a power-operated wheelchair that allows the beneficiary to have a more convenient life at home and in their local community.
● Acquire a riser recliner chair that enables the beneficiary to sit comfortably and be able to sit and stand easier.
● A wet room that will allow the beneficiary to shower safely and independently.

Hospital Saturday Fund

Founded in June 1873, Hospital Saturday Fund has been providing assistance with the help of its charitable funds. The foundation aims to help out registered charities related to health, medical organizations, and hospices that are in need of financial aid for the purpose of funding medical research, care, and projects. In addition, they are also providing grants in support of medical training within the UK and Ireland.

All of the proceeds made by the HSF Health Plan are directed towards its parent foundation, the Hospital Saturday Fund which then provides grants to various medical charities across the UK and Ireland every year. In addition, the foundation also provides grants to people with disabilities who are financially disadvantaged.

In 2020, the Hospital Saturday Fund has given out £1.8 million worth of grants.

Brittle Bone Society

Established in 1968 in the city of Dundee, the Brittle Bone Society has been the only charity founded to address the needs of individuals born with a rare condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a genetic bone disease which is commonly referred to as “brittle bone disease.” Individuals born with this disease are likely to have soft bones that easily break. Other symptoms also include abnormally formed bones and other bone-related issues. The signs and symptoms of brittle bone disease may vary from mild to severe.

Margaret Grant MBE, the founder of the Brittle Bone Society, also suffers from OI herself.

The Brittle Bone Society delivers support to individuals in the UK and Ireland with OI as well as their families. The foundation aims to see a world wherein the needs of individuals living with this rare bone disease are better understood, accommodated, and respected.

Here are some of the main advocacies of the charity.

● Raise funds in order to provide the necessary equipment and services for beneficiaries with OI.
● Organize events for the society members and its supporters.
● Refining knowledge about OI.
● Raise improved awareness about OI.
● Enhance the life quality of people living with OI.

The Brittle Bone Society raises funds through donations, fundraising events, conducting consultations and campaigns, membership programs, and merchandise.


Since its founding in 1932, Blesma is an Armed Forces Charity that provides support to limbless veterans for the entire remainder of their lives.

Blesma is dedicated to supporting both existing service men and women and Veterans who have unfortunately suffered life-altering limb loss or loss of sight. The charity also supports hundreds of families and widows every year.

The charity provides grants to fund mobility equipment. The funds are used for the acquisition of mobility aids such as prostheses and wheelchairs. Additionally, Blesma also organizes regular events and activities to help keep the beneficiaries active despite being impaired.

The Friends of Huck

Founded by motor-cross professional, Mark “Huck” Hucklebridge and his spouse, Emma, the Friends of Huck charity is dedicated to supporting athletes and sportspeople who have previously experienced life-changing hardships due to an injury or illness. The charity also supports cancer-related organizations.

Mark himself was diagnosed with end-stage cancer in 2010. With the help of his family and friends, he then founded The Friends of Huck charity to help other seriously ill and injured individuals who are in dire need of support.

Since Mark’s passing, the charity has continued to raise money and help individuals in need. They also continued to donate money to cancer units in various hospitals.

The charity also helps ill and injured beneficiaries to acquire the necessary mobility equipment such as a wheelchair.

Access To Work Funding

Access To Work Funding is a scheme offered by the government to help those suffering from physical or mental disabilities get or stay in work. With this government-run scheme, any barrier preventing people with health conditions and/or physical disabilities from getting employment is effectively removed.

The support you are given will depend greatly on your needs. Access To Work helps you apply for the following:

● A grant for helping pay for practical support with your work
● Money to hire communication support during job interviews
● Managing mental health support at work

To be eligible for this funding, you need to have a paying job and a mental or physical condition or disability that requires you to need support at work.

Muscular Dystrophy UK

In 1986, Muscular Dystrophy UK established the Joseph Patrick Trust to promote independence and quality of life for those suffering from muscle-wasting conditions. Anyone is eligible for a grant, as long as they are living with a muscle-wasting condition.

They also provide part-funding for equipment such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other assistive technology.


Aspire Grants was established to offer support to UK or Ireland residents suffering from a spinal cord injury. The grant enables beneficiaries to purchase the equipment they need, giving them enough independence to live life normally.

Aspire Grants has provided funding for hundreds of people, giving them the equipment they need, from powered wheelchairs to all sorts of assistive technologies.

Handicapped Children’s Action Trust

Established in 1988, the Handicapped Children’s Action Trust is a registered charity working to provide children with disabilities, learning difficulties and other special needs with the specialist equipment that they need. The purpose of this group is to allow the disabled children mobility and independence.

The hope of the organization is that these children no longer have to watch from the sidelines but instead feel comfortable enough to join in with other children their age, allowing them to live life as normally as possible.

The ACT Foundation

The ACT foundation offers up to £2,500 worth of funding towards equipment that support people and allow them to continue living in their own homes. The goal of this organization is to help as many people as possible by providing funding to a lot of partner charities. Their criteria also covers mobility aids and assistive technologies for the individuals that need it.

SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity

This charity was established to offer support to the Armed Forces, veterans and families and relieve them of their need, suffering and distress. The organization is dedicated to supporting the independence and dignity of the beneficiaries. Whatever mobility problems or other conditions the members of the Armed community might be experiencing, there are volunteers trained to assist with getting the equipment and resources they need.

Southern Spinal Injuries Trust

The Southern Spinal Injuries Trust is meant to offer assistance to individuals suffering from a spinal cord injury. They give those people independence and quality of life, allowing them to re-experience the fundamental aspects of life that are often taken for granted. This support they provide ranges from funding spinal centers to funding individual needs.


The goal of Regain provide support to British sports tetraplegics and help them lead independent and fulfilling lives. Potential REGAINERS are provided with money so they can get the specialist equipment that they need to improve their quality of life. Only those with sports-related spinal cord injury that results in tetraplegia are allowed to apply for a grant.


Newlife is dedicated to helping the disabled and terminally ill children in the UK. When the equipment that the children need are refused by the statutory services or there are delays in provision, it can cause further unnecessary suffering for the child. Newlife ensures that the children are provided with the equipment that they urgently need.

Positive Bones

Founded by Josephine Bridges, Positive Bones aims to raise funds to help other amputees live active and fulfilling lives. Josephine and the team at Positive Bones understand the impact that being able to access the right equipment can have on a person’s mental and physical recovery.

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Positive Bones

Founded by Josephine Bridges, Positive Bones aims to raise funds to help other amputees live active and fulfilling lives. Josephine and the team at Positive Bones understand the impact that being able to access the right equipment can have on a person’s mental and physical recovery.