How To Get A Wheelchair For Free

How to reduce the amount of money

Wheelchairs, even basic ones, are quite expensive to buy, but keep reading, and you will learn how to get a wheelchair for free or how to reduce the amount of money you need to pay for one.

Get a wheelchair

How to get a wheelchair for free for short-term use

The British Red Cross lends and hires wheelchairs for people who need to use one from two to twenty weeks.They offer different sizes and designs of wheelchairs suitable for users that self-propel or are pushed, and offer accessories. The Red Cross has locations all over the UK where you can pick up a wheelchair and they also offer a home delivery service.There is normally a charge of £15 per week, however, if you are unable to cover this, call 0300 456 1914 to learn how to get a wheelchair for free.

Disabled Living Foundation offers lots of information

The Disabled Living Foundation offers lots of information about hiring wheelchairs and may be able to help you to find out how to get a wheelchair for free in your area. Try calling their helpline at 0300 999 0004.

Some shopping centres are part of the Shopmobility scheme. Find out from them how to get a wheelchair for free while you are shopping.

How to get a wheelchair for free from the NHS

The NHS wheelchair service provides different types of wheelchairs for people who need them.

First, you must get a referral from your doctor, hospital, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or social services.

Next, you will be assessed to determine the type of chair you need. You will usually have to wait two to four weeks for the assessment,and, depending on your requirements, you could have your chair in anything from a couple of weeks to several months. After your assessment, you have several options.

Excel G Explorer Wheelchair

Invictus Active Excel G Explorer Wheelchair – now available! The Excel G Explorer wheelchair from Van Os is a lightweight folding all-terrain wheelchair. Its lightweight aluminium frame is strong, well made, and built for the job. It has off-road wheels and tyres which allows users to propel themselves over terrains which would be impassable in a normal wheelchair. With a choice of seat widths, you can be sure of a comfortable fit, and this rugged all-terrain off-road wheelchair also offers numerous safety features. Additionally, the Excel G Explorer wheelchair is ideal for attaching a Freewheel. With this attachment, you will be able to negotiate even more difficult terrains with less effort. Works great with the freewheel attachment - see video below. We also fit the FreeWheel and adaptor for free when bought with the G Explorer, so no set-up required - ready to go! In stock (black and orange frame)

How to spread the cost of purchasing a wheelchair

If you are disabled or chronically sick and decide to purchase your own wheelchair, you will not have to pay VAT. At Invictus Active we offer a wide range of wheelchairs to meet all needs, and as we ourselves are wheelchair users we can help you to choose the best chair to suit your needs and budget. Give us a call on 0800 832 1916 or click here to get in touch and let us help you to arrange split payments that suit your budget and to get the wheelchair you need now.

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