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The Invictus Active Trainer is the brainchild of Paul Cooksey and Scott Smith, founders of the company and both active wheelchair users. Fitness equipment for wheelchair users was not mobile, lightweight or easy to find so they developed their own product, the Invictus Active Trainer, a treadmill for wheelchairs.

We provide the solution to increasing membership and revenue – becoming inclusive will help you do exactly this and our Trainer is specifically for wheelchair users, ready out of the box and fitting directly into any gym environment – enabling you take a very large step towards accessible fitness for everyone.

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The Invictus Active Trainer is the fitness machine for wheelchair users.

The Invictus Active TRAINER is compact, bluetooth enabled and the ultimate cardio equipment for any wheelchair user.

It’s a treadmill for a wheelchair user and helps you make a step towards being truly inclusive.

Wheelchair gym equipment

The trainer is easy to set-up, can be used by any wheelchair user and being Blutooth enabled can connect to any smart phone via our app, recording speed, distance, heart rate and all the workout data needed.

It fits in the gym and opens up potential within a bike spin class – imagine being able to promote spin classes as being inclusive – you can do exactly this with the Invictus Active Trainer, it’s used instead of a spin bike where the wheelchair user can take part. Take ‘inclusive fitness’ to a new level.

As featured on Channel 4’s The Superhumans Show

  • Easy to use out of the box

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Make a bike spinning class inclusive

  • Improves fitness, balance and technique

Reach more people – get more members.

The EFDS Charity actively run the Inclusive Fitness Initiative which has been operating for 10 years and is aimed at helping leisure facilitates to become more inclusive and accessible.

“83% of disabled people have taken their custom elsewhere when faced with inaccessible or unwelcoming services.” – you can read more and view ‘The case for inclusion’ here.

Inclusive Fitness

Wheelchair users can join in with bike spinning classes – take inclusivity to a new level…

The Invictus Active TRAINER enables any wheelchair user to take part in a spinning class.

Our Wheelchair Spin™ solution takes inclusivity to a new level.

Our trainer fits between spin bikes and opens up the inclusivity of regular bike spin classes. Now a wheelchair user can join in with their friends and family and be part of the group.

As you can see from the demonstration in the above video it is easy for the instructor to adapt the routine – for example a stand would be lean forwards and sprint would be push faster. The feedback we have got so far is fantastic, join us and take inclusivity to a new level.

Inclusivity at it’s best!…

Within a spin class in the gym
  • Easy to adapt

  • Increase participtation

  • Minimal space needed

  • Folds away when not in use

It’s not about charity – Disabled people have money to spend.

There was a recent report and study where the government called retailers “dumb” for not making themselves accessible and inclusive (see here) – it’s because “they are missing out on a slice of £249bn because many are inaccessible to disabled customers.”

Within the leisure industry we believe the figure is even more – you are not only missing out on the Disabled person but what about their family and friends? The Disabled person would more than likely come with someone else, that ‘someone else’ would also pay – not only for entry or membership but they’ll also buy a coffee after too. And what about the family? Family memberships are huge but the family won’t join a Gym if the dad, brother, sister or mom is a wheelchair user and it’s not inclusive!

There are 8 million Disabled people in the UK, of which 1.5 million use a wheelchair – when you know these numbers it’s obvious, there is a lot of cash (and time to spend the cash) between these people. Make your facility ‘inclusive’ and people will start to come.

Fits within the gym environment – easy to use and takes up little space…

Our trainer fits alongside and within any gym environment, taking up very little floor space when in use but also with the ability to easily fold up, move and if necessary store. Moving between the gym into the spinning class is easy.

It’s not just us, charities and the Government that agree but real people who use wheelchairs…

We have received emails, Facebook comments and Twitter messages asking us which gyms have our trainer for them to use and that it would be ‘nice to see this available in my local gym’. It can be there for real.


How does it work and what is the cost? The process is simple.

We have made our solution easy – the Invictus Active Trainer is ready to go out of the box and it is very easy to set-up, taking less than 10 minutes. We provide written instructions along with our video tutorials which show and explain everything you or your fitness team need to know.

We deliver the trainer direct to you – meaning you can begin your journey to inclusivity within days. We have also kept the cost of our trainer as low as possible, we don’t want to make price another barrier.

The cost for a full smart trainer with Bluetooth sensors and heart rate monitor is £949 – £1,799 for two trainers – £2,799 for 3 trainers – £4,499 for 5 trainers. Full 12 months guarantee and support provided. It’s also easy to place an order and we are flexible to suit all processes and procedures – email us or call to discuss further.

Invictus Active Trainer

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