Trainer Set-up & Use

We deliver our Invictus Active Trainer all over the World – it is easy to set-up and can be ready to use within 10 minutes!
Watch our videos below which explain how to correctly set-up and use our trainer – if you need any help please get in touch.

Full length instruction video:

Paul shows Glen how to set-up and use the trainer for the first time.

Written instructions:

Click below to view and download instructions:

Smart model and app instructions:

2020 Additional Update

Using the trainer:

How to use the trainer for the first time.

Adjusting the resistance:

You can alter the angle of the rollers to generate more or less resistance.

Correcting wheelchair travel:

Easy fix if your wheelchair moves to the left or right.

Folding and storing:

The trainer folds compact easily for storage.

Momentum Weights:

How to clamp on your momentum weights

2020 Additional Update:

A quick video to explain at transit support strap

Written instructions? – you can download and print our instructions for trainer assembly here – and smart sensor / app set-up here.