Triride MTW trekking power wheels make easy work of the thick deep bark!

Scott co-founder of Invictus Active, with John testing out the MTW Trekking power wheels from Triride. The purpose of the video is to highlight the rear power – the thick deep bark represents other surfaces such as gravel, sand and grass.

Without the Triride power wheels you would just not get over this type of surface like you can with the Trekking wheels. Triride front power attachments are the best in the market for traction, but law of physics means if the weight is at the back then with certain surfaces you will struggle with traction.

BUT NOT ANYMORE! The new (released late 2022) MTW Trekking power wheels connect to you front attachment and work in sync, meaning you can switch easily between the two and access any terrain you wish. You’ll struggle to find a terrain this will not work over – T-Rocks + MTW wheels will give you the ultimate off road machine!

Book a FREE demonstration – we are based in the UK. If you have any questions just comment below, we’ll answer asap.

Trekking Triride power wheels.

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