Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

The Kuschall Champion

A lightweight folding wheelchair can change the way you get about. These chairs fold up easily and are compact and sufficiently light in weight that they can be easily stored in the boot of almost any car. That means, that when you reach your destination you can mobilise yourself in the comfort and safety of your own chair. These are two our the our most popular lightweight folding wheelchairs.

The Kuschall Champion offers the style and comfort of an active rigid chair with the convenience of a lightweight folding wheelchair. It has an adjustable centre of gravity, and a wide range of customisable options.

The aluminium front frame is extremely strong yet this lightweight folding wheelchair weighs in at just 9.2-kg and can hold a user weighing up to 120-kg. It folds flat in three simple moves so it is ideal for taking in the car or on public transport. It comes with MATRX cushions and backrest for excellent comfort and there is a wide variety of colour combinations available. It comes with a set of off-road wheels and it is currently on sale with a twenty-percent discount, at £1,849 ( excluding VAT).

Excel-G Explorer

Excel-G Explorer

Another great lightweight folding wheelchair option is the Excel-G Explorer. This all-terrain wheelchair has a much smaller price tag, ranging from £283 to £333. It is a little heavier at 12.5-kg but this is a rugged off-roading foldable chair that comes with nobly tyres to tackle all terrains.

It folds down easily for storage and transportation and comes in a choice of three seat widths. It has adjustable arm rests, calf straps, seat skirts and flip-up and swing-out foot rests.

At Invictus Active we offer other lightweight folding wheelchairs, so get in touch and we will be happy to help you to find exactly which one would best suit your needs and budget.

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