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Open to anyone – if you have friends or customers who are wheelchair users they will be interested in the Invictus Active Trainer – it’s the solution to losing weight and improving fitness, the ultimate cardio exercise machine. With no stock or investment required simply promote on your website, facebook, twitter or via anyway you feel and earn a generous level of commission on every sale.

Earn up to £150 for every sale!

Invictus Active Trainer has been sold Worldwide for the home and is used by several clinics, gyms, universities and hospitals across the UK – we are looking for more partners to join us and help us reach even more people.


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We use the latest referral tracking software and can provide all the marketing material needed – all website referrals are tracked and recorded with sales viewable at any time by logging into your partner portal. We can even provide unique telephone numbers to track any calls generated from leaflets we provide and can accept any enquiries via email.


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Suitable for all and any manual wheelchair:

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