Keeping your hands warm can be difficult as a wheelchair user – especially when you are constantly touching cold wheel pushrims when you are moving around.

Most wheelchair pushrims are made of aluminium or another ‘metal’ material and metal conducts heat from your skin and therefore feels cold. If you are interested in the science as to why and how metal has this effect then check out this great blog here – but metal pushrims feel cold and will make your hands cold as wheelchair user.

So how to prevent this cold feeling and wheelchair user cold hands?…

PushGrip™ covers!

We can provide you a set of wheelchair pushrim covers which are the perfect solution to prevent cold hand wheelchair user. They simply slide and fit over your existing wheelchair pushrims and will make them feel warm and comfortable to use.

They are so easy to fit, they simply slip over your existing (cold) pushrims and give you a nice rubber grip finish that is much warmer and comfortable to touch.

BUT – not only are they warmer and prevent cold hand as a wheelchair user there are more benefits of the PushGrip™ covers, these include:

  • GRIP – you can self propel easier and more efficient as the covers have grip
  • COMFORT – they just feel nice, much better than a hard metal feel.
  • PUSH EASIER – the grip really does help, you can push your wheelchair yourself much easier.

Our covers are available for only £49 for a pair with free UK delivery – although we ship anywhere in the World.

Find out more and buy your new warm grips here.

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