Prevent Shoulder Injury Wheelchair User

As a wheelchair user it is correct that you should look after your shoulders – but the last thing you should do is not use your shoulders, or not self propel your wheelchair! – we have even heard “my doctor has told me to limit the amount of pushing I do” – ah! – this would like someone who ‘may’ get a bad knee to be told stop walking and use a wheelchair. The side effects of this would far out weight the benefits of sitting around all day…

So what should you do to protect and prevent shoulder injury?

You need to build them up! – what we mean is work on the muscles that surround the shoulder joints in a controlled manner so that you increase the strength you have in these muscles. The reality is you need to push and self propel and transfer to the bed or car – and will continue to do so for a good number of years. Not pushing, or trying to limit the amount you do is not good for you overall health – or in fact the shoulder themselves as they will become weaker.

Okay, so what exercises can I do?…

There are various exercises that can be adapted from a sitting position, this guide is worth checking out (click here) and these exercises will help build strength of the shoulders. BUT we provide the answer that replicates exact pushing of a wheelchair and builds up the exact same muscles in the shoulders…

The Invictus Active Trainer is used from your own wheelchair and you push your wheelchair in a safe static position, you can increase the resistance and as you are replicating pushing your own chair as you would along the road you are building up the same muscles, but without fighting cambers or jolting your shoulders on uneven surfaces.

Why is the Invictus Active Trainer of benefit? – as we mentioned before you cannot avoid self propelling / pushing your wheelchair, what you need to do is build up the muscles in the shoulders to prevent shoulder injury wheelchair user – so that when you push day to day you have more muscles strength, this is what the trainer help you do.

How often do you push (pull?) backwards?

Going backwards is not easy – but the benefits of pushing backwards are huge! You are reversing the forward pushing muscles and loosening the shoulder up. The Invictus Active Trainer makes this easy, you can pull backwards on the wheels and really work your shoulders. The benefits of this are huge and the feedback and reviews received has been fantastic.

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Shoulder muscles wheelchair user.

“Prevent shoulder injury with the Invictus Active Trainer”

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Prevent shoulder injury wheelchair users.

The Invictus Active Trainer is not only ideal for wheelchair users shoulders but it will improve overall fitness as a wheelchair user. It’s the ultimate fitness machine to improve muscle strength and cardio fitness.

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Prevent shoulder injury wheelchair user.
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