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Quickie Argon 2 Wheelchair

£1,800.00 £1,440.00

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This modern-looking active rigid wheelchair offers multiple adjustments which provide a custom fit. It also offers the ability to fine-tune the performance to adapt to changing needs over a period of time. This is the ideal chair for users who are developing their driving capacities and who may have different capabilities or needs in the future. It offers the best driving performance now, and at all stages of future development.


  • Fully adjustable for maximum performance
  • Lightweight carbon fibre castor forks
  • Weighs just 8kg including the quick release wheels
  • Crash tested to standard SO 7176-19
  • Maximum user weight 125-kg 19.7-stone

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Product Description

The Quickie Argon 2 Wheelchair lets you change the centre of gravity with ease. This allows you to adjust your driving settings for either a more stable, or for a more active performance. With 1cm adjustments of the rear seat height, you can easily change the seat angle. This ensures maximum comfort and also allows you to adapt to your varying needs. Additionally, the height, angle, and the tension of the upholstery of the backrest are fully adjustable. This lets you obtain the perfect seating position to increase performance and comfort.

The Quickie Argon 2 wheelchair has castor forks of a lightweight, yet extremely strong Carbon Fibre material called Carbotecture. This unique material makes them highly resistant to impacts and virtually unbreakable. The castor link tube is manufactured using state-of-the-art tube hydroforming technology. This can achieve complex tube geometries for increased strength and a more modern design. Additionally, these castor forks weigh half as much as normal aluminium forks and they come in three distinctive colours, black, silver, and orange.

Why choose the Quickie Argon 2 Wheelchair?

This wheelchair is ideal for active users. Its stylish open frame permits easy transfers and its lightweight makes passing it across the body and into a vehicle easy. This gives users greater independence and freedom. Also, the rigid frame makes this wheelchair extremely energy efficient. That means, that all of the energy you put into pushing is transferred into propulsion, and not lost within the frame. Additionally, this chair comes in many dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. Also, with endless adjustments, it adapts to your changing needs or circumstances. Finally, with a wide choice of colours and finishes, you can create a chair that matches your personality.

How to take the correct measurements

To ensure a perfect fit, the Quickie Argon 2 wheelchair is available in different sizes. However, you must make careful measurements to ensure that your new chair is the ideal size for you. At Invictus Active we can help you to take these vital measurements correctly. We can explain how to take the measurements precisely and accurately. We can even send you a Youtube video to make it even clearer. A wheelchair is a big investment. So, don’t take a chance, and make sure that you get the right measurements to construct your ideal chair.

How to get a quote

The price of your Quickie Argon 2 Wheelchair will depend on your choices of materials and other options. With many options available it can be difficult to decide which would suit you best or how each one would affect the final price. We can help you to decide on the best options for you and, furthermore, we are happy to calculate you a completely free total price quote without any obligation to buy.

Why buy your Quickie Argon 2 Wheelchair from Invictus Active?

  • Complete measurement service
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  • Friendly, knowledgeable advice and service from fellow wheelchair users
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