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FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment


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If you use a manual day wheelchair then the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment is a must have, it just clips on the front foot rest and is so easy to use. As you will know the front casters can be a nightmare! – going over any grass or gravel is near impossible if you have normal small casters as they ‘dig in’ and make pushing hard work.

You just clip on the Freewheel attachment, twist the wheel around and it’s clever design picks your front casters off the ground. The difference that it makes to pushing around is huge – it makes places more accessible and possible! It is also suitable for folding wheelchairs, all you need is the FreeWheel folding adaptor that clamps onto the horizontal bar under your wheelchair.

NEW and exclusive SPOKE COLOURS – FREE with every FreeWheel – see them here.

LATEST model from 2020 stock.

FREE clamp to store FreeWheel on back of chair included as standard.

LOWEST UK PRICE for the complete FreeWheel attachment*

HOME TRIAL we send you one to try for free, only pay if you like it! – click here.

If you are interested in the Freewheel Attachment but have some questions please feel free to call us on 0800 832 1916 or click here to get in touch



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Product Description

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As seen on TV – BBC’s Countryfile!


User photos! – check out our photo gallery here.


The FreeWheel wheelchair attachment really is life changing – we believe this to be true and to back this up offer a no obligation free trial. We will send you a FreeWheel attachment to try for free – you can arrange this here.

Benefits of using a FreeWheel:

The caster wheels of a manual wheelchair always ‘catch’ or ‘dig in’ when you go out and about in everyday life – this is a nightmare (and even dangerous). The FreeWheel SOLVES this issue as when attached it means you pick the caster wheels off the floor. You then push on the back wheels and the FreeWheel and the caster wheels do not roll. The makes a huge difference.

  • Push over GRASS easily
  • Get across GRAVEL no problem
  • Go up and down KERBS a breeze
  • No need to watch out for the caster wheels

Who uses a FreeWheel attachment?

Since being invented the FreeWheel has sold in the 1000’s across the World and is used by a range of wheelchair users. In fact anyone who uses a manual wheelchair will benefit, whether you are very fit and active or require a little help and need assistance pushing.

Read our reviews we have received and check out our latest news for some case studies here


Full FreeWheel updated 2020 written instructions
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* Lowest UK price as of 16.1.20


Check out our video showing just how good the Freewheel is!…



User photos! – check out our photo gallery here.


TV appearance! check out the FreeWheel on BBC’s Countryfile…


Paul & Scott testing over a course… NEW!


Scott explaining the FreeWheel wheelchair attachment …



Set-up guide video:


5 marathons in 5 days! – using the FreeWheel – find out more…

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 23.52.35

This was a charity event where Craig, Scott & Glen all completed 5 marathons in 5 days along the South Coast!



Is your wheelchair suitable?

We can double check for you and confirm…

Action 3 junior wheelchair? – yes it can fit with the folding adaptor – click here to see measurement to check.


Universal Footrest

We can supply a universal footrest designed specifically for the freewheel attachment.
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Folding adaptor

If you have a folding wheelchair then the FreeWheel can still be used when combined with the Freewheel folding adaptor – which is great news as the FreeWheel is the best thing you could ever buy as a wheelchair user!
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All terrain wheels

Our 24 inch (but suitable if you have 25 inch too) off-road wheelchair wheels let you use your wheelchair wherever you want. These heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tyres give you freedom without fear. Enjoy tackling any kind of tricky track with the security that these off road wheelchair wheels will give you.
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Luggage rack

The FreeWheel carry rack attaches to the FreeWheel easily and creates a rack that you can carry items on easy.
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Spoke colours! 

FreeWheel spoke colours

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Additional Information


FreeWheel Attachment – Black, FreeWheel Attachment – Blue, FreeWheel Attachment – Red, FreeWheel Attachment + Off Road Wheels, FreeWheel + Folding Adaptor, FreeWheel + Rack, FreeWheel + Folding Adaptor + Rack, FreeWheel + Universal Footrest, FreeWheel + Universal Footrest + Off Road Wheels

Spoke Colours:

Standard None, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Green, Multi Coloured

32 reviews for FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

  1. Claire Ryan

    There are NO LIMITS with a FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment I can go anywhere, even across wet, muddy leafy, fields, in Autumn with Jessie.

  2. Ivan Grandi

    Check out my video – helped me over the beach!

  3. Andrew Moore

  4. Julie

    It’s the best thing I have bought, I use it to go out and keep it in the car.

  5. 5 Marathons 5 Days Team

    In May 2017 three FreeWheels completed a total of nearly 400 miles along the South Coast as part of the ‘5 marathons in 5 days’ charity challenge. Using day wheelchairs we managed to get across all the terrain we came across and it’s no aggregation to say that without the FreeWheel it would not of been possible to complete this challenge.

  6. Annie Desalernos

  7. Jaclyn Schmidt

    FreeWheel Review

  8. Julie Marriott

  9. Tamara Mena

    We were going sooo fast! I’ve never gone that fast in my chair! It felt like we were in sync like we we’re doing it together! ❤️❤️ My ride was so smooth and nice (and the freewheel prevents me from falling forward, it keeps me safer)!

  10. paet

    We have been thinking about getting a Freewheel for some time but due to the problems of not being able to try one before buying we were worried about the costs, which are high and I suspect mostly due to the controls on importation. The other issue is that we wanted to fit it to our fixed wheelchair which we use as part of a Davinci trail system and also to use with the folding wheelchair when travelling abroad.
    I was delighted on contacting Scott at Invictus to find that they offered a pay £1 to try for one week and free collection if not suitable so we placed our order and it was delivered within two days.

    Fitting was a concern in that the diameter of foot rest on the fixed wheelchair was larger than in the instructions but a quick e-mail to the Freewheel help desk gave me the solution to that. The other worry was that the shim needed cutting to size but Scott assured me, after showing him in a photograph, that it would be OK for to me cut it and send back if not suitable. Ten minutes later it was fitted and worked perfectly. The attachment was another issue as the tubing needs to be 1″ diameter for the shims provided. Packing shims have to be ordered separately for a small cost but you need to be aware. We needed a new folding wheelchair so we decided to replace it with a thicker tubing and now all fitted well.

    Now to performance. Don’t panic when you as the wheelchair user first try to rotate the wheel to raise the caster wheels of the ground, it needs practice and little room but gets easier. Also when cornering if you take it to tight the wheel rotates and down you come. Again this is purely practice and for me as the pusher I had no issues at all.

    We took it on a field test across a local forest (Cannock Chase) determined to test it on all terrain from stones , mud, grass and pot holes. absolutely brilliant. easier for me to push as I didn’t need to stare at the ground in front and lift the caters of the ground every time I saw a rough bit of ground. My wife felt secure and more relaxed as she was not waiting to be thrown out ( Just for the record I have never thrown her out but there have close shaves) She also said that it the ride was softer as the three big wheels where cushioning the ride.
    In summary if you are reading this then don’t hesitate to try it it out if you can afford it. Its not just for the upper body sports persons, its also for the older couples like us who want to make travelling the world easier. Hopefully we will add some photos to the reviews as try it out in far flung places

  11. Bill & Julia Rigg

    After a lovely trek around Dovedale I stupidly loaded my wife’s wheelchair in the car and left the Freewheel behind. Didn’t notice it was gone until we needed it for our next expedition. We were lost without it; how does anyone manage without one? Scott and his colleagues at Invictus provided a fantastic service at a great price. Looking forward now to a day out over the Easter weekend. Freedom!

  12. Kim Shingleton

    Hi Scott shaun loved the wheels thank you very much for all your help.
    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Guenther Bartl

    Best invention ever: the wheel. Second best: the Freewheel.
    Pretty less trouble with bad pavement, cobblestone, grass …
    Always handy, fixed and released in seconds.
    Thanks to Scott and invictusactive for the good advice and service.

  14. Jane Fishlock

    I bought the free wheel to take on holiday and it was great.
    The wheel makes getting over gravel, grass or uneven pavements so much easier and smoother and is quick and easy to remove.
    The wheel can be stored on the back bar of a wheelchair, but unfortunately my bar is to thick for the attachment, but this didn’t detract from the usefulness of the wheel as is can be stored in a rucksack.
    It is a great invention and i would certaintly recommend

  15. Rosie Marr

    Those look awesome. Here’s some action shots of Danny on our cub camp – so far hes done archery and tomahawk throwing, is looking forward to more archery tomorrow and then some shooting on monday. The tyres and the freewheel are eating the woods, the stony trails, the potholes and the tree roots with ease. everyone keeps commenting on his ultra high tech chair and he’s just annoyed i wouldn’t let him on the zipwire in it.. Thanks Rosie

  16. Gia Cannon

    Hay, just wanted to message to thank you for all your help with Sienna’s adaptor. Literally can’t live without this now and did our first trip to the beach in Wales yesterday and smashed the sand with no probs at all, which was Sienna’s first time being able to go for a walk on the sand, even after a little bit of time sinking in the wet sand a little extra push and we where off, think the big wheels help as well!

    Thanks again for being patient with me and adapting it to suit Sienna’s chair, pass on my thanks to the person who helped do that as well!

  17. Gia

    Hay, just wanted to message to thank you for all your help with Sienna’s adaptor. Literally can’t live without this now and did our first trip to the beach in Wales yesterday and smashed the sand with no probs at all, which was Sienna’s first time being able to go for a walk on the sand, even after a little bit of time sinking in the wet sand a little extra push and we where off, think the big wheels help as well!

    Thanks again for being patient with me and adapting it to suit Sienna’s chair, pass on my thanks to the person who helped do that as well!


  18. FreeWheel Mark F

    “You simply would not be able to get across this area without a FreeWheel, I love it” – Mark, Spinal Injury of 30 years.

    Thanks to Herlinda for this video showing the folding wheelchair adaptor and FreeWheel in action!

  19. Karen Simpson‎

    From sunny Scotland to sunny Spain the FreeWheel has seen loads of action purchase a Freewheel on this recommendation and well both receive an amazon voucher

  20. Lucinda Applin‎‎

    So happy with the free wheel we have on my wheelchair, it’s made the world of difference to both me and the people pushing me. I have never been an indoor person so being able to walk the dogs and get back out into the woodland makes me feel like me again

  21. Lani Bubs Gaynor‎‎‎

    Using my #freewheel to visit Dovestone reservoir in Lancashire. Loving the freedom #InvictusActive

  22. caroline_furze

    My new freewheel on the front of my wheelchair. i no longer dread the cobbles from @Invictusactive

  23. Neil & Rachel Grey

    One thing we’ve missed in recent times is the ability to head out into the hills and forests of our naturally beautiful country.

    Today we have taken out for the first time the FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment, supplied by Invictus Active, and we are delighted with the return of our freedom!

  24. neillhudson2

    I lost both my legs due to bone infection (osteomilytus) I lost toe by toe than half of each foot then below knee amputations I have had 17 amputations in 3 years, I consider myself extremely lucky my amputations were planned there was a young man on our ward who lost both legs and an arm because a lorry driver crashed into him on his way home from work and didn’t realise what had happened until each time he woke up screaming, I think about that man several times a day.

    I was so o.k. with everything until the last amputation of my right leg below the knee and it took that last bit of independence away from me because I had a stroke as a result of surgery in 2015 I don’t meet the benchmark for prosthetic limbs so here I am stuck in this chair in all fairness I felt so angry my independence had been taken away from, I was provided with an “active” wheelchair and I didn’t feel very active at all, things I would never do again hold my beautiful wife’s hand again as we walked down the street, never dance with her again or even the tender moment, every time she would bend over and give me a kiss the same way she used to reach over and kiss our children when they were in pushchairs.

    Now all I was doing was trying to make my “Ride” as easy as I could, it had these caster wheels at the front and they are completely unforgiving, every piece of gravel, seed pods they would tip the chair forward and that would be that consequently, I stopped going out unless I had someone with me.

    I started looking on the internet and came across invictiveactive they were supplying this crazy looking attachment that fits on the front of your wheelchair footplate and lifts those little wheels up off the floor just enough to stop getting caught on everything, so I ordered one. It arrived within a few days, my wife and I sat down and worked out how to fit it. Now it was quite difficult to work out how to fit the attachment and in hindsight, I would have got a Technician from my local mobility to make the first fit. so here I am now, I have this freewheel which, has made all the difference and boosted my confidence beyond all limits I go anywhere I want to, when I want I can take the dog for a walk because I can now tackle all sorts of surfaces grass, even wooded areas, I’ve been tipped out of my wheelchair for the last time. I can’t thank the staff at invictusactive especially Scott he arranged everything for me, I have rattled on enough but you need to know how difficult life was in my wheelchair and how much this simple yet so brilliant device I can now go on walks with the dog and am even go and am even doing 5 miles 3 times a week! my wife doesn’t worry about me going out on my own and do you know what those little kisses don’t feel so bad anymore, so all I can say is if your thinking about buying anything for your wheelchair buy this it WILL change your life.

    Thank you Invictiveactive, thank you, Scott,

  25. Simon Gleen

  26. David Hickmen

  27. Vikki Bundy

    What a difference a new pair of wheels and a FreeWheel make!!
    ‘Haven’t been able to use them lots due to lock down, but I’ve been able to get about in the garden more, it’s quite sloped and bumpy so the wheels and FreeWheel have helped me so much! Taking the dog out has been a lot easier and comfortable with this new set up, as we live in the countryside their are lots of pot holes and uneven roads / paths. I also find the wheels are very light and easy to fit. You can make them super funky!! Love them!’

  28. Niamh Horan

    “Love my new Freewheel and All Terrain Wheels making my daily exercise possible for me to do without having to pull a wheelie across a whole golf course”

  29. Claudia Burrough (verified owner)

    @ceburrough95 has taken part in
    The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee total of 1000km!!
    “5th to finish out of 19,000 runners”
    Massive well done! We can see that the FreeWheel was a massive help to you!

  30. Carole James

  31. Liz Hamblett

    Loving my Helium and FreeWheel

  32. John barker

    I have the freewheel for my wheelchair and it has made my wheelchair 100 times better. As the pavements are so bumpy with holes and steps all over the place ,this makes it a lot safer as you do not get tipped out of your chair, And I am very happy with you for getting this to me ,I wish you a happy new year,

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