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FreeWheel Spare Parts


If you have a FreeWheel are are looking for a spare part we can help. It’s best to contact us, so drop us an email ( and we’ll help you find the part and provide a price.

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P003 – Bearing, P004 – Bushing, P005 – Fork, P006 – Ball, P007 – Spring, P008 – Cap/Knob, P009 – Steering Stem Bolt, P010 – Axle Screw (2), P011 – Handle, P012 – Sex Bolts (2) – Set, P013 – Angle Bolt, P014 – Screw Set (6), P015 – Barrel A, P016 – Link, P017 – Barrel B in Brick, P018 – Rear End-Long, P019 – Rear End-Short, P020 – Straight Shim-Thin, P021 – Straight Shim-Medium, P022 – Straight Shim-Thick, P023 – Brick, P024 – Pivot Pins (2), P025 – Cup Shim w/screws, P026 – Clamp, P027 – Complete Perch Set, P028 – Round Perch Post, P029 – Smallest D Perch Post, P030 – Med. Little D Perch Post, P031 – Big D Perch Post, P032 – Perch Clamp, P033 – Q7 Perch Clamp, P034 – Custom Perch Clamp, P035 – Inner tube, P036 – Tyre (only), Adaptor Shim for 3/4" tubing pair, Panthera Set, Tilite Clamp w/Shim, Wheel/Axle Assembly with Tyre


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