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Quickie Krypton Wheelchair

£3,894.00 £3,245.00

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The Quickie Krypton wheelchair is available with a rigid or a foldable frame to suit your needs. Both are manufactured from a lightweight carbon material which not only makes them extremely light but also very strong and super energy efficient.


  • Lightweight carbon construction
  • Over 10,000 configuration options for a perfect custom fit
  • Range of carbon options to meet all needs
  • Choice of three colours and four frame finishes

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Product Description

What makes the frames of the Quickie Krypton wheelchair so special?

The frames of the Quickie Krypton wheelchair are made from a high-tech carbon fibre never before employed in wheelchairs. Originally designed for the aerospace industry, this material is very durable and strong, yet super-lightweight. The seamless frames are possible thanks to the latest automated X BRAID technology. You can choose to add an elegant coating in transparent or black, matt or gloss finish to your frame. Alternatively, you can decide to leave it raw and rugged.

The Quickie Krypton Rigid wheelchair

The Quickie Krypton R wheelchair offers unparalleled rigid efficiency and weighs in at just 3.65-kg, without the wheels. The very stiff rigid axle tube helps to reduce overall wheelchair movement to transfer more energy into your forward propulsion. The rear wheels remove easily and the backrest folds, making it easy to lift into the car. This rigid chair offers superb balance, precise control, and provides exceptional performance. It is suitable for users with a weight of up to 125-kg.

The Quickie Krypton Folding wheelchair

The Quickie Krypton F wheelchair is the world’s lightest adjustable wheelchair. The folding cross brace makes it ideal for travelling as it folds horizontally to a compact and convenient size and a weight of 5.8-kg without the wheels. People weighing up to 110-kg can use this folding wheelchair. Additionally, there is an extensive range of further options, to meet even the most complex demands.


These wheelchairs come in different sizes to suit all shapes. It is important to take the correct measurements to ensure a perfect fit. A correctly fitting wheelchair gives extra comfort and added performance. You must take the required measurements correctly. To help you to do this we have a special guide and even a Youtube video.

Multiple adjustments and options

These modern chairs have many adjustments to fine-tune their performance and your comfort. You can change the height of the seat at the front and the rear. This changes your centre of gravity giving you either a more stable or a more active performance. You can also change the backrest angle and the camber of the wheels. There is also a complete range of carbon fibre accessories to complement the frame of these wheelchairs.

Why choose a Quickie Krypton wheelchair?

These technologically advanced manual wheelchairs are super energy-efficient. All of the energy that you put into pushing goes onto your propulsion. Additionally, these are some of the lightest wheelchairs on the market. That means that you can enjoy life to the max with a Quickie Krypton wheelchair.

Why purchase your Quickie Krypton wheelchair from us?

We can give you advice as to what options and configurations would be best for you. Also, we can ensure that you take your measurements correctly for a perfect fit. Additionally, we will put together a full, free, no-obligation written quote with the components and materials that you choose. Finally, we will ship your new wheelchair free anywhere in the UK, and at a very reasonable price anywhere in the world.