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Kuschall K-Series Wheelchair

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The Kuschall K-Series Wheelchair offers a huge choice of options to create the perfect customised wheelchair. It comes in three frame materials to suit differing needs. This active manual wheelchair offers a lightweight, minimalist chair that adapts to your needs. It will help you to keep pace with your modern lifestyle. Additionally, it offers unbeatable performance along with rigidity, lightweight, and a great look. The Kuschall K Series wheelchair is a sophisticated chair which enhances your independence and increases your active lifestyle.

  • Aluminium, Zinc or Titanium frames available to best suit your needs
  • Many customizable options to create your bespoke wheelchair
  • Lightweight modern design for easy transport
  • Strong and durable to stand up to your active lifestyle
  • Independently adjustable seat for added comfort
  • Adjustable backrest for perfect support
  • Rounded brace bar for easy pocket access
  • Choice of seating options for enhanced well-being
  • Extensive options to meet all needs and preferences



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Product Description

Which Kuschall K-series wheelchair frame best suits your needs?

Aluminium frames are lightweight yet sturdy. Additionally, they are very versatile and are ideal for everyday use.

Titanium frames offer lightweight with high rigidity and strength. Also, Titanium is completely non-toxic and will not cause any kind of reaction in the user. Furthermore, it is anti-corrosive and biocompatible. The Kuschall K Series wheelchair with titanium frame is compact and strong. It is ideal for daily use but is also capable of withstanding the requirements of extreme users.

Carbon Fibre frames offer exceptional strength along with outstanding driving performance. Also, the carbon’s qualities allow the Kuschall K-Series wheelchairs to have an innovative aesthetic design. They are ideal for the most demanding of wheelchair users.

Multiple adjustments for a perfect fit

The Kuschall K Series wheelchairs have the seat fixed independently to the base frame. This allows infinite adjustments for superb comfort. Also, this unique design feature lets you make all the adjustments right from the seat module. That lets you encounter your perfect position and easily get things set up just right for you.

The connections that allow these adjustments are discreet and smart looking. That means that they do not detract from the sleek elegance and balanced aesthetics of the Kuschall K series wheelchair. Additionally, the camber bar fixation comes in a stylish two-tone anodised silver and black combination. Also, the rounded and smooth finished brace bar makes access to the rear pocket easier. You can adjust the angle and the height of the folding backrest, and it also locks down. This high adjustability ensures an ergonomically correct and efficient active seating position. This will give you excellent driving performance without affecting rigidity and stiffness. Furthermore, these easy adjustments let you change the settings to cope with changing situations. Both on a short or on a long-term timescale.

Superb comfort and performance

The choice of MATRX® backrest and seat options can provide added support and extra comfort. The comprehensive range of Invacare Matrx seating complements offers modular seating to meet all user needs. They provide exceptional performance, function, and quality. Additionally, they provide lasting comfort along with improved seating positions. The K-Series wheelchairs provide high-end functionality and stability. They also give you elegance, style, comfort, and reliability. Also, with so many customisable options you can create the chair to exactly meet your requirements and taste.

The “No Limits” approach

Kuschall K- series wheelchairs have a “No Limits” approach. They offer exceptional strength and performance with unparalleled aesthetic appeal. The dynamic frames can cope with the rigours of active daily use and can even withstand some more extreme usage. This unique wheelchair adapts to your changing needs and desires. Additionally, there are many accessories and innovative options to transform this versatile wheelchair.

The name Kuschall is synonymous with innovative style in wheelchairs. The company originates from Switzerland and was founded by Rainer Kuschall, a tetraplegic himself. in 1985 Rainer was awarded the Designer Award by the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for the Kuschall Competition. This was the first wheelchair to have a minimal frame design and the start of things to come. The company has launched many successful models and they remain at the leading edge of wheelchair design. In 1995 they became part of the Invacare Corporation. Now they produce and distribute in fourteen European countries.  The original Kuschall K-series wheelchair was launched in 1997 and the new generation design appeared in 2010.

The standard configuration

The standard configuration of the Kuschall K-series wheelchair has an aluminium frame in ‘ivory white’. However, there is a choice of 22 different colours of frame. Also, there are seven anodised and one chrome option for the Colour-Power-Set (CPS) colours. That means you can create your own personalised style. The standard configuration also has carbon mudguards and camber bar, and a standard aluminium foot tube. It also has tension-adjustable backrest upholstery with Velcro® in black or grey. It comes with 4-inch Starec front casters, active wheel locks, high-performance rear wheels with grey aluminium handrims and Schwalbe Marathon tires.

Additionally, the adducted version of the aluminium frame is ideal for users who require less space, or who prefer keeping their legs closer together. This version reduces the width of the front chassis by 1.6-inches.

The technical details

  • Frame angle- from 75 to 90-degrees, tapered or V-frame
  • Centre of gravity- 3.25, 3.75,4.25, 5, and 5.5-degrees
  • Seat depth- from 14 to 21-inches in 1-inch increments
  • Knee-to-heel length -from 11.5 to 19-inches in half-inch increments
  • Backrest height- from 10.75 to 19-inches in half-inch increments
  • Backrest angle- 74, 78, 82, 86, and 90-degrees
  • Front seat height- 17.75 to 220.5-inches in half-inch increments
  • Rear seat height- 15 to 19.25-inches in half-inch increments
  • Seat width- 12.5 to 19.75-inches in three-quarter-inch increments
  • Total width- Seat width plus 6.75-inches
  • Reversing width- 36.26 to 41.4-inches
  • Total length- 75-degree frame-30-inches approx. and, 90-degree frame 41.5-inches approx.
  • Maximum user weight- 20.5- stone for the 75-degree frames, and, 19.7-stone for the 90-degree frames
  • Weight – 17.2 lb approx. Without rear wheels- 11.2-lb approx.


Each Kuschall chair is individually assembled to the exact user specifications. This means that your Kuschall K-series wheelchair will give you the most comfortable chair with the best performance. Every chair passes through a rigorous inspection before it is delivered to ensure that it exactly meets the requirements. This also maintains the highest of standards, on which Kuschall has built its reputation.  Discover the freedom and comfort that a Kuschall k-series wheelchair can bring you and enjoy life to the full.

1 review for Kuschall K-Series Wheelchair

  1. Lewis Brown

    I got a K series for my first chair so am very much a newbie!!! My chair has a Jay contoured seat pad, Frogs Legs casters and a pair of Spinergy wheels with Marathon Plus tyres and I love it!!! Not the lightest chair on the market but at about 8.5kw still not exactly heavy. Very easy to manoeuvre and feel very stable in it. Great that the axle has three adjustable positions so can make it more or less “tippy”. Generally am very happy with this fantastic chair.

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