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Off Road Wheelchair Wheels


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Our 24 inch (but suitable if you have 25 inch too) off-road wheelchair wheels let you use your wheelchair wherever you want. These heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tyres give you freedom without fear. Enjoy tackling any kind of tricky track with the security that these off road wheelchair wheels will give you.

What makes the Invictus Active All Terrain Wheels great?…

  • 24 inch wheel for a straight swap when the going gets tough!
  • Unique 'off centre' hub – so they fit perfect and don't hit the side guard!
  • 36 stainless steel spokes for extra strength
  • Matt black high quality finish and look
  • K guard protection against punctures that gives you peace of mind
  • Tyres and inner tubes included – and fitted for free!

When you are ready to enjoy the thrills of some off-road pushing simply remove your standard 24-inch rear wheelchair wheels, and put these all terrain wheelchair wheels on. They fit onto a standard ½-inch axel. The handrims of our 24-inch wheelchair wheels are of anodised aluminium in black. They have a 10-mm high flange hub with a distance between the bearings of 53mm.

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Product Description

Built to make off road pushing easier!

With 36 stainless steel spokes you know this wheelchair wheel is strong and stable. The two wheels have a load capacity of 150 kg. The tyres which come on these 24-inch off road wheelchair wheels have high-quality 50 EPI carcasses – meaning they will take some serious strain and be near impossible to puncture.

The tyres are clever, they have large outer lugs to improve grip on the off road rough terrain, but maintain a central rib section to decrease resistance to rolling – so it is still possible to push without being too hard. These tyres feature K guard puncture protection. This is a protective layer of natural rubber which is reinforced with Kevlar® fibres. That means that you can ride with confidence anywhere.

Key features:

  • Sturdy 24-inch wheel for safe off-road travel
  • Standard ½-inch axle diameter hole for easy interchange
  • Black anodised aluminium handrims for style and speed
  • 53 mm hub width with 10-mm offset flange
  • 36 stainless steel spokes for extra strength
  • 150 kg load capacity over two wheels
  • K guard protection makes punctures a thing of the past


Will they fit my wheelchair?…

If you have 24 inch or 25 inch wheels they will fit – the actual rim is 22 inch but with the thick tyres this makes then 24 inch overall. We have many people who normally have 25 inch wheels but as the size is almost ‘between’ 24 and 25 inches they are suitable and it does not make a huge different to your seating position.


Tyres and inner tubes?

Our wheels come with tyres made specifically for going off road with great traction and puncture resistant – we will also fit them along with the inner tubes for free! Your wheels come ready to go straight out of the box.


What about the quick release pins?

Your existing wheels hub width will most likely be slightly different to these off road wheels – therefore you will need a different length pin than you usually use. This is easy for us to work out so we send you the correct pins that will work – all we need is the length of the pin that comes out the wheel when it is not attached.

How to calculate the pin size you need? – click here.

Most wheelchairs pins are 1/2 inch in diameter – in millimetres this equals 12.7mm.  Our wheels come with 1/2 inch bearing to take 1/2 inch pins. If you have different (some wheelchairs are 12mm and slightly ‘thinner’) then we can send some different bearings, please let us know before you order.

Additional Information


Single wheel, Pair of wheels, tyres + inner tubes fitted

Quick release pins size:

No Pins needed, 99mm, 110mm, 114.5, 120mm, 130mm

Wheel Bag:

Yes – padded double zipped bag (+£49)., No bag needed.

2 reviews for Off Road Wheelchair Wheels

  1. Sarah

    These wheels are awesome 🙂 Used them today when I went around a car boot (in combo with the free wheel of course) and they make pushing off road easier. It might also just be be but I am sure the ‘ride’ feels smoother too, maybe it is the tyres that take away the bumps. Anyway I love them and would recommend these wheels! Many thanks, Sarah

  2. Julie Wilson

    Had these on trial and they are fantastic, make going over my gravel drive so much easier.

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