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Quickie Attitude Hybrid Handcycle


Quickie Attitude Hybrid Handcycle

The Quickie Attitude Hybrid Handcycle lets you enjoy the health benefits of manual use combined with the convenience of power assist. Convert your wheelchair quickly and easily into a versatile and fun way to get just about anywhere you want to go with as much, or as little effort as you want to use to get there.

  • Four-point docking system for secure mounting
  • Connects to many rigid wheelchairs
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • 250-Watt motor to get you over difficult terrain
  • 14.5-Ah Lithium-Ion battery will not let you down

The simple four-point docking system lets you connect the Quickie Attitude Hybrid Handcycle to your rigid-frame wheelchair with no additional parts and little fuss. Your usual wheelchair comfort will not be inhibited in any way with the attachment and undocking takes just a couple of seconds. There is no heavy hardware and just two light-weight pins remain attached to your chair.


Have All Terrain Wheels Included Free

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Product Description

When you are in manual mode, you will have 30 different gears to choose from and you can control gear changing either with a thumb shifter or a grip shifter. The V-crank handles are ergonomically designed for ease of use and will not touch your body even when cornering. They come at a 10 or 25-degree angle and there are options for Quad arm and hand support.  With three different braking options including a ‘backpedal’ and a parking brake, stopping is never a problem.

Use the Quickie Attitude Hybrid Handcycle manually for a great upper body workout, or let the automatic motor assist you to speed along faster with less effort. The 250-Watt motor has plenty of power to assist you to propel yourself over rough ground or up steep hills. The Lithium-Ion battery charges quickly and with the easily visible charge indicator, you will always know how much battery power you have available.


Models Available:

Quickie Manual

30 speed gearing; Dual Drive with 3 speed integral gear hub and external 10 speedcasette and derailleur; trigger shifter; rear and front lamp; speedometer; docking system; disk brake; parking brake; handle; v-crank

Quickie Hybrid

10 speed casette and derailleur; trigger shifter; 17Ah Lithium-ion battery;motor support up to max 25kph; front and rear lamp; docking system; stand with wheels, handle; v-crank, disk brake; parking brake; speedometer integrated in control display

Quickie Power

Speed 6 kph (standard); handlebar; disk brake; 9Ah Lithium-ion batteryfront and rear lamp; docking system; speedometer integrated in control display; stand with wheels; parking brake.


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