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Quickie Match Point Tennis

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The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair will take your game to the next level. Lightweight and manoeuvrable this wheelchair for tennis offers unparalleled stability and performance.

  • Adjustable centre-of-gravity
  • Five-wheel stability
  • Lightweight
  • Extra-hard casters

With the Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair, you can concentrate your thoughts on the next shot and not worry about the mechanics of your chair. It’s patented adjustment system allows you to easily change your centre-of-mass. This tennis wheelchair lets you customise both the horizontal and vertical centre-of-gravity to optimise your performance. That means you can align your weight above the push-wheels and change the angle of the seat without needing to make complicated adjustments.

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Product Description

The Quickie Matchpoint tennis wheelchair offers unparalleled stability with its fifth wheel. It prevents the chair from tipping over backwards when you’re hitting that big slam. The adjustable anti-tip brace provides additional security by eliminating any rearward flex that might occur in the seat frame. The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair also features wide-set front casters which increase stability.  The extra-hardness of the three three-inch Micro casters enhances your mobility and speed around the court.

The seat belt has ratchet clamps to increase your connection with your chair so that you move as one. Weighing in at just 22.5-pounds (10.2-kg) this sports wheelchair has a capacity for a player weighing up to 18 stone (113 kg). Play your best game with the Quickie Match Point Tennis.

  • Customise easily your centre-of-gravity for improved performance
  • Maximum horizontal adjustment of 3.5-inches
  • Maximum vertical adjustment of 5-inches
  • Fifth wheel for increased stability
  • Adjustable anti-tip brace for added security
  • Wide-set front casters for unparalleled stability
  • Extra-hard casters increase speed and mobility
  • Ratchet-clamp seat belt increases performance
  • Lightweight of 22.5-pounds for ease of movement
  • Weight capacity of 18-stone to accommodate any player
  • Choice of camber, wheel and other options
  • Optional extras available to further increment performance


Centre-of-Mass Adjustment System

Our patented centre-of-mass adjustment system provides 3.5″ of centre-of-gravity adjustment and up to 5″ of vertical seat squeeze adjustment without having to make changes in fork size, castor size, castor-stem size, or fork-hole location. This allows you to optimise your chair’s set-up for manoeuvrability and efficiency without adding complexity or extra parts.

Wide Footprint

The Match Point features an extra wide front footprint, meaning the castor wheels are set further apart than other sports wheelchairs. This wide stance gives you additional stability when you are leaning forward or to the side to return a tough shot.

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