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Surge Pushrims


Surge Pushrims, are ergonomically designed, lightweight, all-in-one handrims. They increase your pushing traction to help you pass over difficult terrains or surfaces, while also providing no-burn braking. 

  • Lightweight, oval, single component handrim
  • Patented upper surface increases traction
  • Smooth sides for burn-free braking
  • Suitable for wheels from 20-26-inches

Surge Handrims have a unique oval form, and the combination of materials used, makes these handrims a new pushing experience. The top surface is formed from a rubber strip, called the GRIPTION STRIP™, which is permanently bonded to the handrim. This has greater friction to increase your gripping capacity, giving you improved traction. That means, that it is much easier to get up hills or ramps, or to cross a difficult surface such as a deep-pile carpet. The sides of the Surge Pushrims, however, are hard anodized in black, and are completely smooth. That means, that you will never suffer from a friction burn when braking.

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Product Description

Unbelievable grip, improve the way you push!

Surge Pushrims are suitable for all wheel types of 20, 22, 24, 25 or 26-inches, and they can be mounted both in the wide or the closed-in position. They do not add any width to your wheelchair and they look smart and stylish. They are available in two different diameters to suit your hand size. The Surge Measures 11/2-inches form the top of the oval to the bottom and weighs 24-ounces. The Surge LT is ideal for users with smaller hands as it measures 11/8-inches and weighs in at just 17-ounces. That is just a tiny bit more than a standard handrim.

The Surge handrims are suitable for users with good hand function who are able to wrap their hands around the handrim. The unique ergonomic design can also benefit users with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Gription Strip increments your pushing potential
  • Hard-anodized sides for pain-free braking
  • Suitable for either wide or close-in mounting
  • Does not increase overall chair width
  • Available in two sizes to fit your hand size
  • No additional hardware is required

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Single pushrim, Pair of pushrims


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