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Wheelchair Footrest


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Universal replacement footrest – designed specifically for the FreeWheel attachment for those wheelchairs which have a footrest that is unsuitable. With the Invictus Active universal footrest you can easily fit this to your wheelchair and replace your existing footrest to then enjoy the freedom of the FreeWheel.




Product Description

There are 100’s of different makes and models of wheelchairs and as a result a wide variety of footrest types. The FreeWheel attachment fits the majority but unfortunately there a few that are just not suitable or safe to use a FreeWheel with.

However the good news is we can supply a universal footrest, available exclusively from Invictus Active.

Easy to fit and replace

It is very easy to replace your existing footrest as you simply slide it out of your frame and insert your new footrest supplied by us. Not only is it custom made to fit a FreeWheel it is stronger and will ensure no damage is done to your original footrest supplied with your wheelchair.


Universal Footrest FreeWheel & Fitting
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1 review for Wheelchair Footrest

  1. Robin Pillington

    Really wanted a free wheel for my wheelchair but the Argon quickie footrest was not suited so went for this from invictus, great and easy to fit but more importantly means I get to use the free wheel! Thanks guys

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