Progeo Raptor Used Ex demo Second Hand

It fits quickly and easily to most rigid frame chairs

High-torque motor with battery regen function

The Progeo Raptor clips on to two small lightweight brackets which are attached to the chair. It fits quickly and easily to most rigid frame chairs and to most folding wheelchairsas well.

Forward/Reverse speed

Used Second Hand Rio Firefly Wheelchair Power attachment

Perfect for off-roading

The closet hole gives better traction and lifts the castors up higher, so it is perfect for off-roading. The centre position is the one for all-round performance. The high torque motor of the Progeo Raptor has plenty of power to propel you and on average you can travel about 30-miles (50-km) on each charge of the 36V, 360W battery.

  • High torque motor with rechargeable function
  • Disk brake, Cruise control & Rear gear
  • Informative Display & Mud guard
Progeo Raptor Wheelchair Attachment
Second Hand Used Progeo Raptor
Progeo Raptor

Battery regen function

Upgrading to the 48V battery version will let you increase your mileage range to 60-km. This version of the Progeo Raptor has five gears, and the external control unit allows you to program the throttle and the brake from the display.

The Raptor has a sturdy 16-inch off-road wheel which can pass over kerbs and bumpy road surfaces, and the tyre is suitable for both road and off-road use.

Progeo Raptor Wheelchair

Off Road Wheelchair Wheels

Perfect wheels to allow you to get anywhere using your wheelchair! Our off road wheelchair wheels let you use your wheelchair wherever you want. These heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tyres give you freedom without fear. Enjoy tackling any kind of tricky track with the security that these off road wheelchair wheels will give you. Tyres and inner tubes fitted for free - these wheels are ready to go. Price is for a pair of wheels.

Unique oval-shaped tubular fork

It has a distinctive frame and a unique oval-shaped tubular fork which increases rigidness and directionality.

The Progeo Raptor Powered Clip Onhas a forward and a reverse speed, cruise control, and a multifunction display.

A mudguard protects the user from getting splashed when travelling in wet conditionsand the mechanical disc brake ensures safe stopping under all weather and road conditions. The Raptor is available with standard handlebars, or with specially designed handlebars for the quadriplegic user.

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