We sell our Invictus Active Trainer to customers across the Globe and this latest feature is a fantastic example of how gyms can become more accessible – with our wheelchair treadmill being a key piece of equipment in a new gym and spin studio that has opened in St Johns, Atlantic Canada.

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“There would be instances where my friends could go off and do one thing, and I’d have to go off and do a completely other thing,” Arbour said in a recent interview – but now Studio Versa have an Invictus Active Trainer she can enjoy the gym and spin classes alongside her friend.

Accessibility needs to be considered in more aspects than just a push button on a door.

It is refreshing to read the full article (click here) where Emily and Maria, co-owners of Studio Versa, have a great understanding of what accessibility really means. Our wheelchair treadmill can help and will hopefully become a valuable piece of gym equipment, but accessibility is much more – they explain how you need all the other factors that make it an enjoyable experience for a wheelchair user such car parking and accessible toilets, which is very true!

Emily Hickey, left, and Maria Snow, co-owners of Studio Verso in St. John’s, say building an accessible space was a key part of launching the gym. (Alex Kennedy/CBC)

We wish them both great success with Studio Versa and will be following them closely over the coming months and years.
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If you are based near St. John’s in Canada then you can always join their spin studio Canada where you can use the trainer!

Read the full article published on CBC News Network – click here.

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