Quickie Life RT Wheelchair

The Quickie Life RT wheelchair is a rigid frame wheelchair

The Quickie Life RT wheelchair is a rigid frame wheelchair designed for active teenagers. It is super lightweight, weighing in at just 10-kg, and yet it is strong and robust enough to stand up to the needs of a teenager enjoying their life to the max.

The Quickie Life RT wheelchair comes with a choice of 32 different frame colours and loads of other options to create a customised chair. The seat comes in different widths and depths, and the height at the front and rear can be altered to match the user’s needs. The axle plate controls the rear seat height as well as increasing or decreasing the bucket of the chair. The angle of the backrest can be changed in 4-degree increments from 78-degrees to 98-degrees, and you can adjust the camber of the wheels from 0-to 6-degrees, to achieve the most ergonomic setup possible. Furthermore, you can adjust the centre of gravity 2.3 to 8.3-cm. That means, that as the user’s skills improve, the centre of gravity can be easily adjusted to suit his needs.

Quickie Life RT
The Quickie Life RT wheelchair is designed to correctly support an adolescent’s body size and It can hold a user weighing up to 100-kg (16 stone).
Quickie Life RT Wheelchair
it is strong and super lightweight Wheelchair

Choose from a fixed front frame with either straight, inset, or adduction front ends. Or there is also a swing-away hanger version. The abduction frame has 2.5-cm of abduction on either side to make forwards transfers easier by giving increased forward stability. The safari brake can be adjusted so that small children through to young adults can operate it easily without needing to lean forward. You can also change the depth and angle of the carbon platform footplate, which is lightweight and has a stylish finish.

There are lots of other options and accessories to choose from to custom-build the perfect wheelchair for your active youngster.