Quickie Puma Powered Electric Wheelchair

The Quickie Puma 20 Powered Wheelchair

This is a practical and robust electric wheelchair at an affordable price. It is ideal for users with an active lifestyle who enjoy their independence. Its compact design allows great indoor mobility, while its robust base, comfortable seat, and great suspension make for smooth outdoor riding. Choose front-wheel drive for maximum indoor manoeuvrability. Or, opt for the rear-wheel-drive version to get maximum performance outside. With rear-wheel drive, you can go up slopes of up to 8-degrees and climb kerbs up to 8cm, while with the front-wheel-drive you can take on slopes of up to 6-degrees and kerbs up to 6-cm. Alternatively, you can actually change your Puma 20 from rear-to-front-wheel drive, and, vice versa as required, to get all the advantages.

Additionally, the modular design of the Puma 20 offers many optional extras. You can customise your Sedeo backrest, seat cushion, leg, and armrests to suit your needs. Additionally, it is simple to upgrade your Puma 20 powered wheelchair to meet changing requirements. For enhanced seating safety and comfort choose the electrical 25-degree seat tilt adjustment.

The Quickie Puma 40

Award-winning powerchair design

Puma 40 powerchair

Excellent driving, maximum independence, Ergonomic seating with high adaptability and Special controls made easy.

This compact highly manoeuvrable chair offers high performance indoors and out. The Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) ensures maximum traction at any speed and a smooth and stable ride. This electric-powered wheelchair has a top speed of 12.5-km/h and can carry you further(up to 42.5-km). The ergonomic seating of the Puma 40 powered wheelchair offers infinite adjustments to customise your perfect seating position. The wide range of positioning and support options allows you to adapt the chair to changing needs.

Additionally, the advanced electrical options give you greater freedom and independence. The speciality controls make this chair really easy to drive, and it won the red dot design award in 2012. It offers an unrivalled driving experience. Also, you can choose to personalise your chair with a choice of frame and trim colours to suit your taste and personality. It is suitable for a user weighing up to 136kg.

The Puma 40 S Powered Wheelchair

This front-wheel powered electric wheelchair has a unique Gyro tracking control. This ensures complete safety in both slow speed turns on a carpeted surface as well as when travelling at full speed over broken or uneven terrain. The powerful high-torque 4-pole motor of this Puma powered wheelchair offers a top speed of 12.5-km/h and it has a range of up to 40-km.

Indoors, the low seat-height and small turning radius make manoeuvringeasy even in reduced spaces. The Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) makes driving effortless, automatically compensating for uneven terrain, tyre pressure, or surface grip.

Puma 40 powerchair s

This technology reduces point-to-point driving times and makes travel more relaxing. Additionally, the ergonomic adjustable seating system ensures perfect comfort and support. The multiple adjustments make this chair ideal for a person with changing needs. It can climb kerbs up to 6cm high and negotiate up to 10-percent slopes.

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