Quickie Salsa Powered Electric Wheelchair

Salsa powered wheelchair-four models to choose from

There are four different versions of the Salsa powered wheelchair. Read on to learn about each one and to discover which would best meet your needs.


Quickie Salsa M2 powered wheelchair

The sleek design of this chair gives it excellent indoor manoeuvrability along with superb outdoor performance. The mid-wheel drive technology gives it has an ultra-compact turning base and circle. It has a maximum 67cm with 70-degree swing-away hangers. That means that you can easily negotiate your way through combined or narrow spaces. Additionally, the low seat-to-floor height (starting at 43cm) allows you to position yourself beneath even a low table. Outdoors, the all-wheel suspension produces a stable and smooth ride for increased comfort and safety. Also, the anti-pitch technology prevents pitching when advancing on slopes. Furthermore, this wheelchair has great traction as the seat is directly above the drive wheel.

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Salsa M2 powerchair

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Options for the M2

You can opt for the 2-pole motor which will give you a top speed of 4kph or for the 4-pole motor which can achieve a top speed of 6kph. The power for both these versions of the Salsa M2 powered wheelchair is from 60Ah batteries. Other optional features include a 30cm powered seat lift and a powered seat tilt from 0 to 30-degrees. Additionally, it features the ability to climb a kerb of up to 7cm, and the Salsa M2 has flip-back armrests and a fold-down backrest. It is suitable for a user weighing up to 22-stone and it comes in a choice of four main colours and there are lots of personal styling options to choose from.

The, next evolution in powered wheelchair performance and style. Superb indoor manoeuvrability & Outstanding outdoor performance

The Narrowest mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair on the market!

The M2 Mini

This is the narrowest available powered wheelchair with a mid-wheel drive. With a chassis width of just 52cm, this chair offers unsurpassed manoeuvrability. It is 9cm narrower than the Salsa M2 powered wheelchair, which lets you move in smaller spaces with greater ease. Additionally, with a turning circle of just 110cm and a sleek design, you will enjoy much greater freedom as to where you can get to. When travelling outside you will still enjoy the same comfortable ride thanks to the 6-wheel suspension system. Also, the anti-pitch technology enhances your safety over steep or rough terrain. Additionally, it can climb kerbs up to up to 7cm and can carry a user weighing up to 22-stone. Choose from four body colours of red, white, blue or matt black.

Salsa M2 Mini powerchair

Salsa R2 Powered Wheelchair

This electric-powered wheelchair has adjustable suspension for enhanced comfort when travelling outdoors. It also offers a choice of two powerful motors of either 2 or 4 poles that can propel you at speeds of up to 10kpm. For added convenience, the batteries are accessible from the rear of the chair. That means that you can change them while the user is in the chair. Indoors, the low seat to floor height ( from 42cm) lets you access tables easily and its compact size is ideal for small spaces. You can adjust the height, width, depth, and angle of the seat without additional parts, and it features a power tilt module for customised comfort.

Salsa MND Neurochair Powered Wheelchair

This powered chair is a development of the Salsa M and is specially designed for those with Motor Neurone Disease. It can adapt to changing needs and its intuitive controls make it easy to drive. Additionally, the independent suspension offers a smooth comfortable ride