Replacement Brakes For Wheelchairs

Wheelchair brakes are not designed to slow down a wheelchair

They are more like a parking brake designed to keep the wheelchair completely immobile and unable to move unexpectedly. This is important when transferring from one piece of equipment or from one seat to another, or, when the user is engaged in a task which requires immobility.

“There are basically two types of wheelchair brakes”


Wheelchair wheel locks as they are also, and perhaps more correctly, called. On manual chairs the most common type of bake is the push- or sometimes pull- to lock brake.

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Push to lock wheelchair brake

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To apply this brake the user pushes, or pulls, a lever which presses a bar into the wheelchair tyre to prevent the wheel from turning. These push to lock brakes are positioned in front of each of the rear wheels on the top side of the frame rail.

For active wheelchair users with good motor skills, the smaller, sportier-looking scissor locks are often chosen. These are fitted level with the wheelchair frame and when not in use the lock is hidden almost completely under the seat where the user’s hands will not touch them when pushing rapidly or manoeuvring.

The most advanced materials technology to minimize weight and maximize function!

Push to lock brakes have a lever, which, when pushed, moves a bar which puts pressure onto the tyre to prevent the wheel from moving. They are mounted on the frame, in front of each of the rear wheels, and come with different length levers and varying force requirements to suit all users.

Price: from £29 – and we delivery anywhere in the World!


wheelchair scissor brake
Push To Lock Wheelchair Brakes

These wheel locks are made of fiber reinforced composite, which is much lighter than aluminum, yet just as strong

Scissor brakes work in the same way, but these are mounted beneath the seat making them the preferred choice for more active users as they do not interfere with fast pushing movements. These are smaller and require a greater degree of motor skills to operate.

Price: from £49 – and we delivery anywhere in the World!