Great review from @catriona_mk


I get a lot of questions about the jazzy third wheel I often have on the front of my wheelchair – what is it and what does it do??

It’s called the Freewheel and is hands down the best addition I’ve ever bought for my chair, it makes life so much easier and accessible! The Freewheel is cleverly designed to lift the two front castor wheels off the ground, putting the whole weight of you and the chair onto the large rear wheels and single front wheel of the Freewheel.

This turns the chair into a beastly off-roader, and makes wheeling through all sorts of rough or unusual terrain really easy and smooth. Grass, sand, mud, gravel, or even just going up and down curbs, all things which are normally difficult to do in a regular wheelchair due to the small front castor wheels. With the Freewheel the castors are taken out of the equation which enables you to wheel everywhere and anywhere you like! This is especially useful for me when I’m at riding competitions and equestrian events, but would benefit any wheelchair user who wants to explore further than smooth paved paths.

I purchased my Freewheel through @invictusactive who were fantastically helpful and guided me through the whole process. You all know how important authenticity is to me, and I never promote products that I don’t genuinely LOVE myself. I purchased my Freewheel with my own money, so this promotion is honest and unbiased, I just think the Freewheel is a fantastic product for wheelchair users and want more people to be able to benefit from it.



FreeWheel review