We recently shipped another Invictus Active Trainer trainer to the US – and got this fantastic review and post on his Facebook page.
Great to read such positive comments and we are confident it will help Jason a great deal.

Our trainer helps with: Weight loss, shoulder strength, overall fitness – the ultimate machine!


Just got mine delivered today. It is amazing. The attention to detail from every aspect, you can tell it was desired and tested by people in wheelchairs. I talked to their customer service back and forth for nearly a year and they were amazing. It was shipped from the UK to the United States. I would recommend it for anyone in a wheelchair regardless your injury level or strength level. I’ve been a C5 incomplete quadriplegic for 23 years, and a recent above the knee amputee. And I love it, it was very easy to use, and from the first 5 minute push, you can feel the burn. I wish they had a US based store, I know it would be extremely helpful in rehab clinics and for everyday use for any wheelie. I do very much recommend the Active Smart Trainer for the speed sensor. You guys are amazing, thank you.