Wheelchair Beach Wheels

Designed as a direct swap for standard 24-25″ wheels for when the terrain gets extreme!

Built on a 507mm FAT rim with an offset hub (to space away from the chair side) and a black powder coated pushrim. The FAT wheel is fitted with a Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre, which has a wrap around tread made from Schwalbe’s offroad racing compound to enhance grip and performance and is a strength enhanced to protect the sidewalls.

24 Inch Red Spinergy Wheelchair Wheels Used

Pair of red spoke everyday Spinergy wheelchair wheels with black hub.

Wheelchair have marathon plus tyres fitted which are worn.

Pushrims have rubber lining (brand unsure) but also worn.

Need a little TLC to get them back to good condition but overall rim and spokes are good.

Would be sold for over £700 new.

Clearance Products

Sorry, SOLD – but why not check out our Vigeo Wheelchair Wheels.

RGK Tiga FX Wheelchair Used

Excellent condition RGK Tiga FX active user wheelchair with Spinergy wheels and Surge pushrims. This wheelchair is very lightweight and has the unique folding front which makes it the most compact active user wheelchair on the market.

Includes many features and would retail at over £5,000 when new – great wheelchair at a bargain price to clear.

Shipping available Worldwide.

Sorry sold – please contact us here to see if we have any more.

Invacare Bora Wheelchair

The Bora has a sophisticated spring suspension system to provide outstanding outdoor appeal for a smooth drive. With a choice of two motors for driving speeds of up to 6 or 10 km/h, its enhanced 50Ah Gel battery ensures a reliable journey.

The Invacare Bora is a compact chair with a new sense of style to match an individual’s lifestyle and personality. This remarkable chair boasts a powerful yet smooth driving experience with enhanced colour options for a unique look and feel.

Invacare Storm 4 Xplore Wheelchair

Looking for the perfect powerchair for all terrains? Storm4 X-plore by Invacare is just what you need. Storm4 X-plore is designed with a four-wheel suspension – increases shock absorption, offers comfort to users and as well ensure better traction on uneven ground, for an all-round enhanced outdoor performance. The Storm4 X-plore is the ideal partner for all terrains.

Off Road Wheelchair Wheels (UK Trial)

Perfect wheels to allow you to get anywhere using your wheelchair!

Our off road wheelchair wheels let you use your wheelchair wherever you want. These heavy-duty wheels and all-terrain tyres give you freedom without fear. Enjoy tackling any kind of tricky track with the security that these off road wheelchair wheels will give you. Tyres and inner tubes fitted for free – these wheels are ready to go.

FREE 14 day home trial is available within the UK only.
(For Worldwide shipping click here)

Ki Mobility Rogue Wheelchair

The Ki Mobility Rogue is an extremely lightweight and ultra-responsive wheelchair that has great rigidity and infinite adjustments for a perfect fit.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.

Ki Mobility Ethos Wheelchair

The Ki Mobility Ethos is a superbly comfortable wheelchair on any road surface and has a modern sculptured design. Its state-of-the-art technology makes this chair a leader in the market.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Included a FREE pair of off road wheels worth £259.