Freewheel attachment plus off road wheels combo deal

FreeWheel + Off Road Wheels

If you want to convert your manual wheelchair so that you can go-anywhere, then this is the exact equipment you need. Just pop on the straight swap off-road all-terrain wheelchair wheels, attach the FreeWheel attachment, and you are set to tackle even the most difficult of routes.

Enjoy an active life to the full. With this off-roading combination of the FreeWheel and All-Terrain wheelchair wheels, there are no limits as to where you can go in a wheelchair.

x1 FreeWheel wheelchair attachment – £375
x1 Off road wheels, with tyres & inner tubes fitted (pair) – £239
x1 Quick release axels (pair) – £36
Total = £650


FreeWheel in stock – dispatched quickly.
Off road wheels – back in stock in 1-2 weeks. We will follow up with sending wheels when in stock.

Marathon Plus Grey

The Marathon Plus has become the absolute benchmark for “puncture proof” pneumatic tyres on wheelchairs. Now the all-new version comes with improved rolling resistance and the SmartGuard protection belt has a proportion of recycled natural rubber in its’ manufacture. The “anti-aging” sidewall construction can withstand overloading from insufficient inflation pressure for much longer, and there is a dynamic new profile and new look label.