Second Hand Large Wheelchairs

Second-hand large wheelchairs can offer an economic option for someone who requires a bigger wheelchair.

Many wheelchairs come in different component sizes yet there are relatively few that offer a seat width of more than 50cm. Whether you are looking for a second-hand large wheelchair to be pushed in or an active user chair we can help you to find exactly the chair to meet your needs.

Why is a correctly fitting chair important?

For the larger person, a chair that is too small for them is not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Using a chair with insufficient space puts additional pressure on the skin and tissues that can lead to ruptures and pressure sores.

Additionally, a small chair can inhibit movement making it difficult to change position and to control. Furthermore, pushing a chair that is too small can cause unnecessary muscle fatigue. A second-hand large wheelchair could be the solution.

Quickie Argon
Quickie Argon
Quickie Argon
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The Quickie Argon 2 is an active user wheelchair that comes in larger sizes.

What large-size wheelchair options are there?

It offers a wide range of different dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. We can help you to take the correct measurements to ensure that your new chair will be perfectly comfortable and allow you to enjoy great driving performance.

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Why choose a second-hand large wheelchair?

For many people the cost of a customised chair is prohibitive. However, at Invictus Active we can offer you split payments. This lets you spread out the cost of your purchase over a period of time. Also, we can give you information about grants and funding for wheelchairs by different charities. Additionally, we can help you to find a second-hand large wheelchair at a fraction of the cost.

Give us a call on 0800 832 1916 or drop us an email to telling us what you need and we will be happy to help you to find your perfect chair.