Second Hand Used Manual Wheelchairs

On the plus side

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A used wheelchair is obviously much less expensive than a new one. That means that you may be able to purchasea better-quality chair for the same money you would have spent on an inferior quality new one.


You can pay for a second hand used manual wheelchairs and take it home right away. With new chairs, there is quite often a long waiting period before delivery.

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    Added extras

    With a pre-loved wheelchair, you may well get some extras included. That means you are saving even more money, as buying additional parts can be quite expensive.

    On the minus side


    A second-hand used manual wheelchair is not going to be customised to your size. That means that you may not enjoy the same level of comfort and performance that you would get from a chair that has been tailor-made and adjusted to exactly fit your body. However, we offer an individual measuring service that will help us to match you up with a chair that meets your needs.


    You are not likely to find a used manual wheelchair of one of the very latest models, although it does happen! However, we carry a range of different makes, styles, and types of second-hand wheelchairs and we will be happy to advise on the best make and model for your needs.

    It is possible that a second-hand used manual wheelchair may show signs of wear and tear. However, replacing used tyres, getting the frame painted, adding some soft pushrims, or buying a new cushion can transform a shabby chair into a great looking one with little effort and investment, when compared to the price of a brand-new wheelchair.


    Some people may feel that a used wheelchair may not be hygienic. However, it is very easy to thoroughly clean a wheelchair with alcohol and leave it completely clean and free of any germs.

    Second-hand used manual wheelchair is your best option

    Once you have considered these points and are sure that a second-hand used manual wheelchair is your best option, you need to narrow down your search by deciding exactly what style of chair you are looking for.

    • Active manual wheelchairs- these are for people who self-propel and lead anactive lifestyle, they are light-weight and manoeuvrable.
    • Passive manual wheelchairs- are for people who are unable to self-propel and need to be pushed by a helper.
    • Off-road wheelchair-these are heavier and sturdier and are designed for people who like to self-propel over challenging terrains.
    • Folding wheelchair- these are great for travelling on public transport or in a car, as they are lightweight and fold up easily for storage.
    • Sports wheelchair- these are very light-weight and highly manoeuvrable, they have cambered wheels and often a fifth wheel for stability.
    • Ultralight wheelchairs- often have a shortened seatback and are made with high-tech super-lightweight materials.
    • Bariatric wheelchairs-have a wider seat and sturdier frame for large, heavier users.
    • Paediatric wheelchairs- just like a big wheelchair, but kid-sized, they come in different sizes and are often painted in bright colours.

    Perfect second-hand used manual wheelchair

    Let us assist you to find the perfect second-hand used manual wheelchair to fit your needs, taste and budget.

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